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Christmas Eve in Polish tradition.


Do you know, how Poles celebrate Christmas Eve ? We invite you to the short quiz below. Check out how many similarities and differences occur between our cultures.

1/ We put them on Christmas tree …..

2/ We put …….. under the tablecloth, as a symbol of a place where Jesus Christos was born

3/ What sign indicates the beginning of Christmas Eve ? ……

4/ We share it while wishing each other Merry Christmas …..

5/ Traditional Christmas soup with “ears”, it`s …..

6/ Traditional Christmas fish, it`s …..

7/ Traditional Christmas cake, it`s …..

Check out your answers:

1/ babki baubles

2/ sianko hay

3/ gwiazda-betlejemska the first star

4/ oplatek wafer

5/ barszcz barszcz

6/ karp karp / carp

7/ makowiec makowiec / poppy seed cake

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