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CANOEING – a unique event of the month of July !


40 people connected to KLUB DIALOGU School took part in an incredible canoeing adventure on Saturday, July, 8th. 20 canoes bravely overcame all obstacles which the Świder river put in our way… Stones, fallen trees, shallows and even fast streams didn`t frighten any of the canoe crew, and everybody (some of us completely wet ?) persevered and arrived to the landing place.
Tired, but cheerful, smiling and happy we ate a barbecued meal and spent the rest of the stunning day playing football, volleyball, badminton; we grilled sausages on a campfire, sang songs and spent time all together. ? It was a really nice Saturday! Thanks for that to all of you!

During Polish classes there were a lot of memories and stories told by students. Such events make for developing not only Polish language in a real life but also integration between students on their lessons !

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