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Northern Irish Evening


On the evening of Friday 1st September, Klub Dialogu school hosted a fun-filled, fantastic Northern Irish Evening (run and presented by Jonny, one of our students)!

The event consisted of a presentation about Northern Ireland, which included facts about its geographical structure, the history of Ireland and the subsequent divide, about famous people and not to mention interesting, quintessential Northern Irish cuisine!

Following this, there was an interactive quiz based on the facts we learnt, in which everyone who attended took part, with a prize of a Northern Irish beer at the end! Then came beer tasting and a trip to a traditional Irish pub to sample more Irish beer and to watch the football (actually, we watched 2 football matches simultaneously! Poland vs Denmark, and Northern Ireland vs San Marino).

Thank you to everyone who attended, and again to Jonny for organising an extraordinary event 🙂

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