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International Family Picnic


On Sunday 3rd September, Klub Dialogu school was an integral part of the 8th International Family Picnic, as organised by The Belgian Business Chamber together with Advantage Austria in Poland – Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy and the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. The event took place in Musuły and, despite the weather not necessarily being in our favour, was attended by nearly 400 people!

We set up outside, coats on with warm tea but smiling all the while. We had our own area with a table full of fun games, books and activities (all to be conducted all in Polish of course)! Children and adults came over to play our Polish games and some also grabbed the opportunity to take part in our small Polish lesson that we planned.

Overall, it was a really great day! We want to thank everyone who participated in this enjoyable and enriching experience. See you next time!

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