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Why is it worth learning Polish?


You are already in Poland, but still you remain unsure about the length of your stay. Is it worth taking up Polish language lessons? Will that be a waste of time? Today we want to debunk some myths along with our partner, CareersInPoland, portal, which helps you in finding a job in Poland.

1. Polish not only in Poland!

There are over 60 million people using Polish on everyday basis! The majority of this group live in Poland, but a vibrant and numerous Polish diaspora can be found in the USA (10 million people), Germany (2 million people), Brazil (nearly 2 million people), France and the UK (over 1 million people), and Canada  (nearly 1 million people).

And that – you must admit it – makes a difference!

2. Understanding Poles & their culture

Mastering the language makes it easier to understand the surrounding reality. Not only will you understand what is going on in the street, a local grocery shop, or in a café, but you will also find it easier to socialise! People employed in big international companies will be able to catch up on the latest gossip, while at the same time they will understand better Polish customs, lifestyle, or even particular behaviours. Years may pass, but you will be able to remember your impressions from Poland.

3. Getting by

You probably speak English – and that is alright in big Polish cities. But how about towns outside major urban areas? There going to a local food market or post office may suddenly become a problem, as there are people who do not speak English. The same goes for a doctor who is not fluent in foreign languages. Knowing Polish will make it easier to ask for help when necessary!

Getting by in a city is less stressful – you can buy public transport tickets, understand announcements on the bus, and find your way in a new neighbourhood. Make sure you take care of feeling comfortable in your new surroundings!

4. Fun & new friends

Polish language courses are a great opportunity to simply enjoy yourself. You can meet other expats there, make new friends and have a good old time. It is truly a me time in the best possible way! Also, bear in mind that watching Polish films, listening to music by Polish artists or even flipping through Polish magazines is both about learning and relaxing at the same time.

5. In the spotlight

Is there anything Poles love more than a foreigner attempting to speak Polish? Highly unlikely! Learn some basics and you are already in the centre of attention – of course provided you like to be in the spotlight!

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