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EASTER – in the Christian religion, Easter is the most important feast, and combined with traditional Polish ritual, it is a very joyful and colourful holiday. The most important symbols of this Christmas in Poland are in Polish): PISANKI, ŚWIĘCONKA and ŚMIGUS DYNGUS.

PAINTED EGGS (PISANKI) – these are extravagantly painted eggs that formerly protected from misfortunes and was a symbol of fertility, new life and fertility. Depending on the region of Poland, the eggs are decorated in different ways: they are painted with paints, wax, covered with coloured paper or rushes or wool.

HOLY SATURDAY (18 – 20/04) – Christians celebrate food. The church is given ’ŚWIĘCONKI’, or baskets, in which there are: hams, sausages, cakes, bread and ‘Easter eggs’, meaning painted eggs.

EASTER SUNDAY (21/04) – In the morning, families sit together at the Easter table, set with various meats, fish and cakes. Before meals, we share the egg and give best wishes.

EASTER MONDAY (22/04) – this is the second day of Easter (ŚMIGUS DYNGUS), which is associated with fun and …  water! From early morning, especially in the villages, specially dressed boys walk from house to house, scaring the residents and pouring a bucket of water over them. This custom has also settled in cities, so do not be surprised on this day if you are, even accidentally, covered with water on the street!

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