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At the end of last year, KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School opened a brand new course called ‘LEVEL UP 500’. This drew a lot of attention quite quickly, but perhaps you’re wondering why? What does this name even mean?

The aim of this course is for the students enrolled to learn the Polish language from A0 level (a complete beginner in Polish) to B1 level (upper intermediate) in 500 hours. What’s more, these hours are to be done within 6 months of intensive learning, shared into 5 semesters, each of which are subsequently at a higher level, so students at different levels can also join this course as it’s going along at the beginning of a new semester. Each class is 4 hours long in total, and they take place at our school every week day.

The LEVEL UP 500 PROGRAM has now a very diverse and super interesting range of students, and we love to see them so eager to learn our language! A lot of our students are always interested in getting to B1 level or higher in order to communicate effectively in Polish and potentially write the state exam. It is human nature to be impatient 😉 so the fact that the Level Up 500 course boasts getting from A0 – B1 in 6 months was something that really drew attention, and still is!

Why is this course so fascinating and drawing so much attention from learners of Polish as a foreign language?

Ania, one of the two wonderful teachers running this course, who is very experienced and skilled in her field says she really enjoys teaching these lessons as you can “really immerse yourself in the Polish language 100%” and the fact it is so fast-paced means the results of effective teaching can be seen very quickly. A class that lasts 4 hours a day doesn’t have to be boring and spent only sitting down!”. And she adds, “creativity is very important being a teacher, and planning these lessons takes time to make them as interesting and engaging as possible. For example, the other day we just all stood up and played football together. We all said a positive sentence in Polish and passed the ball to one another. It was a fun and energizing way to take a break from sitting!”

Ania explains that during such a course, it’s necessary to strongly observe students to see how they learn, as everyone has somewhat different learning styles and needs. A challenge is to be able to run a class that benefits all in an equal way, but during classes they’re especially longer than others, this is more possible as there’s more time to use different methods. The biggest motivator is progress, for both the students and teachers!!

Mailing from Venezuela is one of our students who joined us for an intensive summer course, and she has now gone on to learning in our LEVEL UP 500 PROGRAM. For her, it’s all about practise. After completing a semester in this PROGRAM, which she admitted finding difficult sometimes, she says she has really improved this time around. “I can see the difference, and it’s very obvious.” Even though this semester is now a higher level than before, I think I just had to get used to this way and pace of learning. Now I have really got the hang of it and I’m enjoying it so much.”

So far this specialised program has proven to be a big success, and we’re so happy and proud to see improvement in our students and the achievements of our teachers.

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