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Did you talk to someone a moment ago, or maybe you have just read a fragment of a book and you don’t remember much of it?  Do you want to say a word and do you have it at the tip of your tongue, but you’re giving up?  Regardless of age, it’s worth working on it, because good concentration is one of the elements that guarantee effective learning of the Polish language.


Concentration? What is it?

Concentration is the ability to direct and focus attention on a given thought, specific issue, phenomenon, object or situation.  This is a very important element affecting everyday functioning and learning.


How to improve concentration?

  1. ‘Mindfulness training’

‘Mindfulness training’ is a technique that aims to force the highest level of focus by changing the way you think.  It consists in the fact that we cannot ponder what has already passed or worry about the future, but rather react to the ‘here and now’.  Thanks to this, we can not only effectively improve concentration, but also achieve emotional balance and the ability to relax.


  1. Visualise

Visualisation is a great way to improve concentration by visualising and keeping simple images for a moment.  As you train your mind, it’s a good idea to start lengthening your time and choose more complex images so that visualisation becomes a multi-sensory method over time.  It combines visual sensations with a sense of touch, taste, hearing and even smell.  How to use this method in learning Polish?  Well, it’s worth to visualise entire sentences in a given grammatical structure, and then ‘transfer’ the example to another context.  Sounds complicated?  That’s just the way it appears!


  1. Or maybe writing your own abstracts?

This is a very interesting method, because while creating your own mind map or writing notes, it forces focus.  It’s also a great way to remember a large amount of information from a program, book or article.  In addition, it allows us to choose the most important messages that will be useful later.  Another advantage of this method is working on the ability to provide detailed and concise information and your own thoughts.  It is certainly a solution that is worth applying while learning Polish!


  1. Take a break

The brain is an organ, not a machine, and it needs rest during intensive work.  This is especially evident when we start to err or run our thoughts from the task at hand. Then give yourself a moment, stand up and do some exercises.  The brain will rest and be oxygenated.  A good solution is also reaching for a glass of water and some food providing the necessary energy.  So remember about the break, and you will surely return to your activities with new strength.


  1. Eliminate the “distractions”!

Many of us are looking for beneficial methods that will improve and teach concentration.  We often forget, however, that there are quite simple ways.  To improve concentration, especially when learning Polish, it is worth to turn off the “distractions”, which include, among others, telephone, email, all messengers and devices that generate unpleasant sounds for us.  As you know, not every task can be performed with music, even if it’s quiet!

Focus on one thing only.  Multitasking is a desirable feature, but it can be a hindrance to achieving your goal.  Trying to do several things at once, especially while learning Polish, does not allow you to achieve a good effect, but only extends the time spent on this activity.


  1. Try diet, physical activity and sleep

This is a ‘magic three’ affecting the condition of the human body.  Why?  As you know, the diet of each of us should be varied, because food affects the body and mind.  Supplementing the diet should be drinking at least 2 liters of water a day.  An inseparable element of a good or balanced diet is the condition resulting from regular physical activity.  The cyclical nature of this perfectly oxygenates the body and also has a beneficial effect on our figure.  In turn, sleep is a time of regeneration, rest for both the body and the brain.  This is another, very key element undoubtedly affecting the absorption of new information while learning Polish.  Avoid a fast food diet.  Products containing a large amount of sugar or salt, as well as saturated fat negatively affect the work of the brain and nervous system.  Excessive alcohol consumption or drinking too often also weakens your ability to concentrate.

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