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Learning online – what does it entail? We know that this method of learning has always been an option, and always will be! It’s a great tool for those who can’t manage to come regularly to classes in person.

Online learning is famously flexible; timings can be negotiated, and not to mention location. From the comfort of one’s own home, office, wherever! What’s more, they don’t have to be boring and lose value compared to face-to-face classes. Although the dynamic is different, group and individual classes can be conducted smoothly, and effectively, and in some ways an online class can be similar to a traditional one held in person.

Classes put structure in the day. Teachers present their knowledge and information and they interact with people in real time, and students can interact with each other as well.

For those who never thought online lessons were for them, or never considered them, have fully embraced them, and for those who have always had these kinds of lessons, or have done them in the past, they’ve been able to carry on with learning. But what about teachers?

One of our teachers, Magda, said the following:

“At the beginning it seemed to me that the screen would limit my expression. It’s known, however, how significant a role in the learning process is played by non-verbal communication, also in teaching Polish as a foreign language. In retrospect, however, I can admit that online work is very effective and enjoyable. Instant messengers and many various internet applications, specially prepared for the education sector, allow the creation of appropriate conditions for the transfer of knowledge, facilitate the work of the teacher, and are, above all, attractive to students. I`d say even more! It’s better to play an online quiz than to do grammar exercises all the time. Regardless of age, the principle of learning by playing still works. Of course, as always, you should be moderate and adapt the rhythm of classes to the diverse preferences of students.” 

Online learning can be fun and an adventure!

One of Magda’s students, Brian, USA, gave the following opinion of his Polish classes held online:

“Skype lessons with KLUB DIALOGU have been really effective: a great way to seamlessly integrate technology into the language lesson.  I plan to continue with Skype instruction until I achieve fluency in Polish.  It has proven to be quite convenient for both me and my instructor!” 

Another point to mention is that the element of anonymity provided with online classes can benefit some students who are perhaps afraid to speak up in class. Being physically ‘alone’ yet part of the class online can give a feeling of comfort and more students can join in and embrace their learning. This can then, as we return back to the physical classroom, give added confidence when students do interact with their peers face-to-face.

Oliwia, another one of our teachers told us how she’s felt during the full-time online lessons:

“I have always enjoyed technological innovations and I like to use various educational platforms during classroom lessons. Therefore during online meetings I feel like a fish in water! Of course lesson preparation for remote learning is more time consuming, because virtual meetings leave less spontaneity. However, such work gives me a lot of joy. I like to get to know my students better; their opinions, thoughts, their plans and dreams.”

Whilst there are differences, positives and negatives, of online learning, ultimately when classes are given by well-trained, experienced teachers, the information comes across the same and students can still effectively learn, and ever new tools and online applications that are launched all the time develop this mode of class-giving.

The opinion of online lessons from our teacher, Beata:

“The high availability of instant messengers and internet tools makes online lessons really effective and interesting. Students who had no previous contact with this form of learning Polish as a foreign language quickly “became accustomed” to it. I also think that in order to learn Polish well, it is very important to maintain continuity of learning, which is why online lessons are a convenient tool for those who travel a lot or often stay “after hours” at work. Of course, it is an invaluable form for those who live abroad, but contact with the Polish language is still very important for them!”

Beata’s students, Alessia and Alberto, gave us their opinion, too:

“I’ve been having Polish lessons online for some time now. Earlier I haven`t had the opportunity to do this and I thought that only direct contact is important for learning. Now I know that thanks to such lessons I have more time for myself because I don’t have to go to school and I can study at home. It`s very convenient!” – Alessia, Italy.

“At the beginning I wanted to have my Polish lessons only at school, but my friend – Alessia – convinced me, that it`s worth to start Polish classes online. And now I like it! Now I think online lessons are convenient because I have more time for my professional matters. Of course, there are internet problems from time to time and I can’t understand well, but it’s like in a real world, where different people speak in a different way!” – Alberto, Italy.

The Polish language school for foreigners is a school that is constantly developing and reacting to market situations on an ongoing basis. That is why our students can value us. Because teaching is our passion – nothing is impossible for us!

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