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For some time now, online methods have become a very popular way to transfer knowledge in various areas of life. It also turned out to be an effective solution for continuing to learn Polish whilst at the same time guaranteeing safety.

Online learning – what does it actually mean?

Many people think that the Polish language is difficult and learning it would be a miracle. But it doesn’t have to be that hard! The right teaching methods developed by the Polish Language School for Foreigners KLUB DIALOGU guarantee the best results for everyone. The school focuses on individualism and professionalism, which enable our offer to be tailored to each given student. Engaging individual or group classes, extensive additional materials, a well-chosen language level of students, and modern classroom equipment are just some of the elements that contribute to the high standard of the School by our students.

Online learning. Why is it worth choosing this form?

Last year revealed the true potential of distance learning. First of all, learning Polish online is stable – so important in times of pandemic uncertainty. It does not require traveling to classes or direct contact with other course participants. Thus, it is an extremely convenient way to assimilate new topics in the comfort of your own home.

Online learning is completely flexible – students can connect to their online Polish language course from anywhere in the world. In this way, even a short trip for a vacation or in business matters will not interrupt your studies. You can participate in classes while at work, at university, or in any other location.

Contrary to appearances, online Polish lessons are neither boring nor less valuable than classroom classes! While the dynamics are different, both group and individual lessons are smooth and effective, and are somewhat similar to classroom lessons. The teacher and students interact in real time, and perfectly organized materials and easy access to them are a perfect way to consolidate knowledge.

Advantages and Effects

Learning Polish online offered by the Polish Language School for Foreigners KLUB DIALOGU is not only convenient and secure, but above all it yealds in results. They are achieved thanks to the teachers’ great passion and a well-developed course. The original curriculum and the unconventional approach to the classes mean that the entire Polish course is focused on issues that allow not only to acquire the necessary knowledge, but also to get to know Polish culture.

Another important aspect is also worth mentioning: anonymity. For people who are afraid to speak in front of others, being physically ‘alone’ but still part of the classroom provides more comfort and confidence in learning.

What do the teachers of KLUB DIALOGU School say about online learning?

Magda, teacher for 6 years:

‘At first I thought the screen would limit my expression. After all, it is known how important a role non-verbal communication plays in the process of learning Polish as a foreign language. In retrospect, however, I can admit that online work is fully effective and pleasant. Widely available instant messaging and a large number of different applications, specially designed for the education sector, facilitate the transfer of knowledge and are attractive to students. Sometimes it is more fun to play an internet quiz than to fill time with grammar exercises. Regardless of age, the principle of learning through play still applies. Of course, as always, one should exercise moderation and adapt the rhythm of classes to the diverse preferences of students.’

Agata, teacher and school methodologist:

‘Students who have never had contact with this form of learning Polish as a foreign language quickly “get used to” it. I also think that in order to learn the Polish language well, it is very important to maintain continuity of learning, which is why online lessons are a convenient tool for those who travel a lot or often stay “after hours” at work. Of course, this is an invaluable form of learning for those who live abroad, and contact with the Polish language is still very important for them!’

Online learning can be fun and an adventure! What do our students say?

Brian from the USA:

‘Online lessons with KLUB DIALOGU are really effective: it’s a great way to efficiently integrate technology with learning Polish as a foreign language. I plan to continue these lessons until I am fluent. It is a very convenient form of learning for both me and my teacher!’

Alessia from Italy:

‘I’ve had online Polish lessons for some time. I have never had the opportunity to do this before and I thought that only direct contact with the teacher was important for learning. Now I know that thanks to such lessons I have more time for myself, because I don’t have to go to school and I can learn at home. It’s very convenient!’

The Polish language school for foreigners KLUB DIALOGU is a school that is constantly developing and reacting to current situations. That is why we are so welcoming for our students. And because teaching is our passion – nothing is impossible for us!

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