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Are you keen on films? Would you like to immerse in the Polish culture and mentality? We have something for you!

Come and discover the feeling of Polish films. You will learn more about them from the introduction before the film, as well as the discussion after the screening. This is an important element of Polish culture and history, thanks to which you will better understand and accept (?) Poles’ behaviour and mentality.

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We love to spend time with our students and staff outside of the classroom and immerse ourselves in Polish culture, fun activities and social gatherings. During summertime, we put a huge emphasis on this and create our summer events calendar. From June until August we embarked on adventures such as canoeing, that takes place with us on the first Saturday of July each year, bowling, beach volleyball and a Chopin concert, not to mention our 3 year ‘new’ KLUB DIALOGU anniversary and dancing events hosted by our talented students.

Our summer kicked off with the anniversary party, where we celebrated 3 years of new ownership with Viola and Piotr. We always endeavour to get everyone as involved as possible, and learn more about one another; the main attraction of this evening was our ‘students have talent’ round where there were 3 teams of students and the game consisted of different categories, such as ‘advertisements’ where different products had to be advertised (it was really amazing!), ‘karaoke’ and ‘tongue twisters’. Our panel of judges had to award points to each team based on their performance.

Next we ventured on our 3rd annual canoeing trip. We canoed down the beautiful river Wkra for around 2 hours. Once we reached our destination we ate a grill, talked all together and played volleyball. These canoeing days have always been a big success and we always go home with new friendships made.

Klub SPATiF is a trendy bar with a large patio where they host evening events and we went to see the enchanting Mała Orkiestra Dancingowa and dance to their beautiful music – songs about Warsaw. We also went to watch a Chopin concert in the Łazienki Park – classic Polish culture that can be taken in whilst sunbathing on the grass in one of the most famous parks in Poland.

An event we’ve hosted before, bowling was a big success. We love the enthusiasm, energy and commitment our students show, not only in the classroom but at the bowling alley as well! When we went to play volleyball on the beach by the Wisła river, it was Poland vs. the rest of the world and Poland maintained its victory! We also like to go for a drink after some events to talk in a calm setting and relax on a summer evening. Warsaw is jam-packed with little pubs and bars, and it’s usually our students who show us their favourite ones to go to!

Last but not least, two of our students, Deize and William, from Brazil and Cuba respectively, taught us how to dance samba and bachata dancing and we later used our skills to dance until dawn in a club in town. What an experience! We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much diversity and have the opportunity to learn all about different cultures whilst sharing all about our own.

Easter is another time that our Polish language school for foreigners wants to share with our students. On Saturday 13th April workshops took place at two levels, A0-A1 and A2-B1, during which we talked about the tradition of celebrating Easter in Poland and in other Christian countries. What was very interesting for everyone was our custom ŚMIGUS DYNGUS, or pouring water on Easter Monday (more on this soon). Participants also shared facts about traditions from their countries, including: Brazil, Great Britain, France, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and Vietnam. There was a lot of laughter and fun, but also some new Polish language knowledge. In addition, our students prepared Easter cards and cut coloured baskets out of paper, decorating our school with their works! Thank you!


On Friday, 15th we hosted our Valentines event and it was, of course, a lot of fun. We first played 4 rounds of ‘blind date’ (‘randka w ciemno’) and the winners together with their match of each round went on to play other small games… the winners received a voucher of 100zł for a cafe. The voucher was cut into two pieces, however, so in order to redeem the prize, the pair has to go there together!!

We later on opened letters that we received from secret admirers that they had put in our Valentines Box during the past couple of weeks in school.

It was another beautiful event and we hope to see you all on the next one! Thank you for coming and now have a look at the pictures to see our event for yourselves!

25th January 2019 (Friday), 6PM

KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School invites you for a free of charge trail lesson – A0 for beginners. It will be a great opportunity to see for yourself that Polish with us is not a nightmare ?. You can observe our teaching methods and get familiar with teaching materials. You`ll also have the possibility to talk to a teacher and other students, who have the same doubts as you. You can`t miss this chance!

Sign up first at or call on +48 664 788 004

When?: 25th January (Friday), 6PM

Where?: KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School, Warsaw, 55 Aleje Jerozolimskie Street, flat 4

POLISH – We make it possible –

Saturday 8th December a unique, free conversation class took place at our school. The theme of the meeting was Christmas and Christmas traditions. We shared our customs with students, and students told us about theirs. It was a great opportunity to meet each other in less formal circumstances. There was a lot of fun, but also useful knowledge. Thanks to all who came.

Friday 9th November

Our event on Friday was such a success. Thank you to everyone that came and made it so special – how wonderful to celebrate Poland with you all! On the pictures we’re playing ‘kalambury’ (charades) – we didn’t go crazy.
What’s more, thank you to everyone who made a video/photo contribution for our competition. Congrats to Alex who won!!

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Friday 7th September 2018 at 6PM, we’re inviting you to a one of a kind event: HOUSEWARMING PARTY in KLUB DIALOGU.

Caring for our students’ learning comfort, in July, KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School moved to new location at Aleje Jerozolimskie 55/4. Now it’s a modern, beautiful place; open and friendly, where all foreigners are wholeheartedly invited to learn Polish, and we would like to share this good energy with you.

During the event, many attractions will be showcased, such as: ESCAPE ROOM, karaoke, and the exhibition opening of paintings by Joanna Kurella.

And what’s more, we will pamper you with sweets and champagne! And a surprise …

Each of our guests will receive a VOUCHER WORTH 50zł for their chosen course.

Sounds appealing? Just come and join us! We are waiting for you! Bring your friends along.

kurs wakacyjny języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców

Enjoying the final waves of the holidays, August, 23th we met in pub ZIELONA GĘŚ in order to embark on our unique, one of a kind event – TREASURE HUNTING in Pole Mokotowskie. The participants’ role was to solve tasks, in order to find the hidden treasure. We finished the fun in pub LOLEK. It was a great time, very recommended!

CZYTAJ I UCZ SIĘ W DOMU, Polish? We make it possible!

As with every year, to all those who plan to spend their holidays effectively with the Polish language, we invite you to familiarise yourself with the extraordinary and flexible offer of our holiday courses, combining creative and practical education with great fun during cultural and entertainment events. With us everyone will find something for themselves, and the unique atmosphere prevailing at school will make these holidays unforgettable. Get acquainted with the offer and book your place now!