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Sad events in the world took over the beginning of 2022. KLUB DIALOGU report

The year 2022 was full of many events that, from a global point of view, have had tragic consequences.  Of course, we are talking about Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine and the cruel war being waged against the country’s civilians.  We also remember the huge wave of refugees on the border, terrorised by the Belarusian authorities and treated in no less cruel way by the Polish authorities. Read the KLUB DIALOGU report and learn more.

Action taken by KLUB DIALOGU School

The KLUB DIALOGU school categorically opposes all these tragic events, not only in word but also in deed.  When the first protests began under the slogan: ‘Stop torture at the border!’ – we couldn’t miss it.  Walking through the streets of Warsaw, we wanted to express that we show solidarity with people who are hurt, whose chance for a normal life is taken away just because they were born in a country affected by war or a humanitarian crisis.

The war in Ukraine mobilised us to: initiate the collection of things and money for its inhabitants, organise free Polish language courses, participate in humanitarian convoys, take home refugees, and many, many other activities.  See our blog post.

KLUB DIALOGU manifesto

KLUB DIALOGU’s manifesto is simple and unambiguous.  We, as employees of the KLUB DIALOGU Polish School for Foreigners, which is not only an educational institution, but also a meeting place for people from different continents and cultures, cannot accept a situation where the law and international conventions are broken.

We would also like to thank OUR STUDENTS who supported and continue to support our initiatives – it is thanks to you that we can learn tolerance and openness.  Thank you for your lessons for us and for being you!

We are constantly working for you and organising new Polish language courses

Despite these sad events, the KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School for Foreigners was constantly working, organising Polish courses at all levels from A0 (for beginners) to B2 (advanced).  During the year, classes were held on a regular basis (mainly in the evenings, 2-3 times a week).

The summer holiday period (June, July, August) turned this structure upside down as usual 😊.  Intensive courses prevailed (3 hours a day, every day), and students could additionally learn Polish, have fun, and chat during unique integration events.  This year we invited our students to: KLUB DIALOGU’s birthday party, a trip to the Zoo in Łódź, bowling, silent disco dances and salsa, and canoeing on the Wkra River.  See the summer holiday movie.

Polish as a foreign language exam at B1 level

In 2022, we managed to conduct 4 exams for the State Certificate in Polish as a Foreign Language at B1 level.  190 people took part in four examination sessions appointed by the State Commission (in February, March, June, and November), and 179 passed the test and received the Certificate. Congratulations!

You too can take the exam and get the Certificate.  Check the dates of the B1 exams in 2023 and the courses preparing for this exam.  terminy egzaminów na B1 w 2023 roku oraz kursy przygotowujące do tego egzaminu. Check out.

The presentation of Polish films during Film Evenings has become a tradition

Throughout the year, we invited the school to Film Evenings, during which Polish films with English subtitles were presented.  It is a great opportunity to learn about the culture and lifestyle of Poles, as well as to understand their mentality.

And as of December, we have the pleasure of inviting everyone to see Polish films at the Wisła Cinema.  PFFF: ‘Polish Films For Foreigners’ is a series of Polish films prepared in cooperation with the Wisła Cinema, Polonicum, and the School of Polish Language for Foreigners KLUB DIALOGU.

 Thank you for being with us!

– Polish?  We make it possible –

summer courses 2022

Summer Polish language course at KLUB DIALOGU school

The summer Polish language course for foreigners is an intensive, attractive, and exceptionally effective form of learning. There is no boredom or monotonous exercises here! Each lesson is a new adventure: a lively meeting with the Polish language and interesting people from different parts of the world, and after the Polish lesson – unforgettable integration events.

Intensive summer Polish language courses are very popular, so it is worth planning them today.

Why is it worth planning a summer Polish language course today?

First of all: learning Polish for 3 hours a day every day for 3 weeks will certainly strengthen your language skills 😊. You will overcome barriers and start communicating in Polish.

Secondly: the KLUB DIALOGU school in Warsaw organises unique integration events, thanks to which you will get acquainted with the Polish way of life and spend an unforgettable time: canoeing, playing beach volleyball, meetings by the Vistula River, bowling, cinema… Check out how we’ve had fun!

Thirdly: you can immediately continue your summer Polish language course for foreigners at KLUB DIALOGU School on the next level and spend the entire vacation with us 😊. Start learning Polish from scratch on the ‘Introduction to Polish’ course, then continue on ‘Beginners’ and polish your Polish on the ‘Intermediate Conversations’ course.

Last but not least: The places on summer Polish language courses for foreigners fill up quickly, so don’t miss this chance!

You’re welcome to join!

konstytucje 3 maja

You probably noticed that the first week of May in Poland was a loooong weekend.

What is the May 3 Constitution Day?

The day of May 3 is ‘Constitution Day’ in Poland, commemorating the adoption of the Constitution on May 3, 1791. It was the first Constitution to be passed in Europe and the second in the world (after the US Constitution passed in 1787). This event is considered to be one of the most important in the history of Poland. It had its further consequences… The adoption of this highest legal act provoked hostility of the Russian Empire, which in 1793 and 1795, together with Austria and Prussia, completely annexed Poland. Poland lost its independence for 123 years, only to regain it after the First World War in 1918.

Why was the Constitution of May 3 created?

The constitution passed on May 3 introduced a number of changes to the Polish system, in particular:

# heredity of the throne, which was to prevent foreign interference in the affairs of the Republic of Poland,

# improved the functioning of the state administration,

# gave new rights to all citizens.

Where is the original May 3 Constitution document?

Three original copies of the Constitution of May 3 are in the Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw.

And what does the Constitution of May 3 mean for us today?

In today’s Poland, May 3 is a day off, and people celebrate by participating in parades, concerts, and public appearances. The Constitution of May 3, although it was only in force for a year at the time, gave Poland an impulse to adopt a modern Constitution on April 2, 1997, which is still in force today.

In KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School we teach  not only the Polish language, but also share our culture, tradition and lifestyle with students. You too – are very welcome to our School :)!


2 years of the pandemic did not put us in such shock, disorientation, and anger as 2 weeks of the war in Ukraine caused by Putin’s Russia has ….

WE SAY ‘NO’ TO WAR! And we are not passively standing by watching. I am very proud of and thankful for the incredible commitment shown by the entire team of our Polish Language School for Foreigners KLUB DIALOGU. We talk a lot about how to help meaningfully. And our conversations result in action: 

# We have launched a fundraiser that goes directly to a proven foundation run by people from Ukraine. This foundation directs appropriate help at a given moment directly to people in need; 

# We invited Ukrainian families to our homes, providing them with shelter and support; 

# Our teacher of Polish, as a coordinator and translator, travels with truck convoys to the Polish-Ukrainian border to coordinate the reloading of parcels with gifts; 

# Our office coordinator organises collections and transports of military, medical, and humanitarian items. These deliveries have already reached Kharkiv and Suma! 

# We bought food and hygiene products for infants and children from the funds raised by the team of KLUB DIALOGU School – the delivery has already reached the needy; 

# We make food for Ukrainians who come to the Central Station, who are tired and hungry after a very long journey;

# We organised a free Polish language course called ‘Necessary in Poland’ for refugees, led free of charge by our teachers; 

# To show another small gesture of support for people from Ukraine living in Poland, we also made decorations that welcome our students to the school. 

# We go to demonstrations expressing: ‘NO to WAR’. 

I would also like to thank our students who have committed themselves to helping. Contributions to the aid fund for Ukraine have exceeded PLN 7,300! Thank you very much, let’s keep raising more! 

Dear Students! If you feel able to help – let us know. We will organise it together! For example, we can make food for those waiting at the Central Station together. We also count on your ideas.

Dear Ukrainians! There are no words to describe the tragedy that befell you. The whole world is with you, the whole of Poland is with you, the whole KLUB DIALOGU School is with you! 
Слава Украиние! 

Wioletta and Piotr Kajczuk, owners of the KD School 

Dorota Maszkiewicz, Managing Director 


The pandemic posed many challenges for our Polish Language School for Foreigners KLUB DIALOGU, and although it has been with us for 2 years, it is still difficult to get used to. Let us remind you that the school was closed for 3 months in 2020 and all lessons were conducted online. However, soon after, in June 2020, we returned to Aleje Jerozolimskie, glad that we could be face-to-face again. Thanks to modern solutions introduced by KLUB DIALOGU, our students can now choose Polish language lessons online, or at school, or to learn Polish in a hybrid way, which is a perfect solution for people who prefer a full-time Polish language course, but in exceptional situations have the opportunity to connect to a lesson online.

At the same time, the employees of KLUB DIALOGU constantly take care of maintaining the appropriate hygienic standards at school. The classrooms are aired out after each lesson, and tables and other items are disinfected. Each student and each group has a choice whether masks are worn during Polish lessons or not.

All the actions we take are aimed at maintaining our common security in these difficult times. Therefore, we want to ensure that our Polish Language School for Foreigners will function (as before) online and offline, as long as state law allows us to do so. We feel strong in what we do!

KLUB DIALOGU school is 17 years old and this is not the first crisis we are dealing with, but it is definitely the hardest. However, looking at the last few months, we are sincerely convinced that with you we are able to adapt to any situation, and come out of each crisis even stronger. Why? Because we do what we love the most: we share our passion for the Polish language, tradition and culture.

At the end of 2021 we want to say to you: THANK YOU! Thank you for the support you give us.

‘If you can dream it, you can do it!’ – Walt Disney.

At KLUB DIALOGU, we believe that it is never too late to do something for yourself! It is especially never too late to learn Polish. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how long you live in Poland, if you have already studied somewhere else or if you think that the Polish language is too difficult.

Start learning Polish with us today and you will see the results that will surprise you and others!

Stand out and shine with your knowledge of Polish! It doesn’t have to be perfect right away, but you will definitely get noticed!

‘If you can dream it, you can do it!’ – Walt Disney.

At KLUB DIALOGU, we believe that it is never too late to do something for yourself! It is especially never too late to learn Polish. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how long you live in Poland, if you have already studied somewhere else or if you think that the Polish language is too difficult.

Start learning Polish with us today and you will see the results that will surprise you and others!

We want to help you, so that’s why we have a GREAT PROMOTION for you.

Now, EACH COURSE COSTS ONLY 675zł (instead of 710zł)

Stand out and shine with your knowledge of Polish! It doesn’t have to be perfect right away, but you will definitely get noticed!

The offer is valid from 5th to 16th November 2020.

KLUB DIALOGU has been conducting online Polish lessons, which have proven to be very successful, but finally, WE’RE RETURNING TO SAFE LESSONS AT SCHOOL!

What does BACK TO SCHOOL mean to us?

You can still learn the Polish language online, but if you prefer lessons at school – we are here for you!

Learning online – what does it entail? We know that this method of learning has always been an option, and always will be! It’s a great tool for those who can’t manage to come regularly to classes in person.

Online learning is famously flexible; timings can be negotiated, and not to mention location. From the comfort of one’s own home, office, wherever! What’s more, they don’t have to be boring and lose value compared to face-to-face classes. Although the dynamic is different, group and individual classes can be conducted smoothly, and effectively, and in some ways an online class can be similar to a traditional one held in person.

Classes put structure in the day. Teachers present their knowledge and information and they interact with people in real time, and students can interact with each other as well.

For those who never thought online lessons were for them, or never considered them, have fully embraced them, and for those who have always had these kinds of lessons, or have done them in the past, they’ve been able to carry on with learning. But what about teachers?

One of our teachers, Magda, said the following:

“At the beginning it seemed to me that the screen would limit my expression. It’s known, however, how significant a role in the learning process is played by non-verbal communication, also in teaching Polish as a foreign language. In retrospect, however, I can admit that online work is very effective and enjoyable. Instant messengers and many various internet applications, specially prepared for the education sector, allow the creation of appropriate conditions for the transfer of knowledge, facilitate the work of the teacher, and are, above all, attractive to students. I`d say even more! It’s better to play an online quiz than to do grammar exercises all the time. Regardless of age, the principle of learning by playing still works. Of course, as always, you should be moderate and adapt the rhythm of classes to the diverse preferences of students.” 

Online learning can be fun and an adventure!

One of Magda’s students, Brian, USA, gave the following opinion of his Polish classes held online:

“Skype lessons with KLUB DIALOGU have been really effective: a great way to seamlessly integrate technology into the language lesson.  I plan to continue with Skype instruction until I achieve fluency in Polish.  It has proven to be quite convenient for both me and my instructor!” 

Another point to mention is that the element of anonymity provided with online classes can benefit some students who are perhaps afraid to speak up in class. Being physically ‘alone’ yet part of the class online can give a feeling of comfort and more students can join in and embrace their learning. This can then, as we return back to the physical classroom, give added confidence when students do interact with their peers face-to-face.

Oliwia, another one of our teachers told us how she’s felt during the full-time online lessons:

“I have always enjoyed technological innovations and I like to use various educational platforms during classroom lessons. Therefore during online meetings I feel like a fish in water! Of course lesson preparation for remote learning is more time consuming, because virtual meetings leave less spontaneity. However, such work gives me a lot of joy. I like to get to know my students better; their opinions, thoughts, their plans and dreams.”

Whilst there are differences, positives and negatives, of online learning, ultimately when classes are given by well-trained, experienced teachers, the information comes across the same and students can still effectively learn, and ever new tools and online applications that are launched all the time develop this mode of class-giving.

The opinion of online lessons from our teacher, Beata:

“The high availability of instant messengers and internet tools makes online lessons really effective and interesting. Students who had no previous contact with this form of learning Polish as a foreign language quickly “became accustomed” to it. I also think that in order to learn Polish well, it is very important to maintain continuity of learning, which is why online lessons are a convenient tool for those who travel a lot or often stay “after hours” at work. Of course, it is an invaluable form for those who live abroad, but contact with the Polish language is still very important for them!”

Beata’s students, Alessia and Alberto, gave us their opinion, too:

“I’ve been having Polish lessons online for some time now. Earlier I haven`t had the opportunity to do this and I thought that only direct contact is important for learning. Now I know that thanks to such lessons I have more time for myself because I don’t have to go to school and I can study at home. It`s very convenient!” – Alessia, Italy.

“At the beginning I wanted to have my Polish lessons only at school, but my friend – Alessia – convinced me, that it`s worth to start Polish classes online. And now I like it! Now I think online lessons are convenient because I have more time for my professional matters. Of course, there are internet problems from time to time and I can’t understand well, but it’s like in a real world, where different people speak in a different way!” – Alberto, Italy.

The Polish language school for foreigners is a school that is constantly developing and reacting to market situations on an ongoing basis. That is why our students can value us. Because teaching is our passion – nothing is impossible for us!

At the end of last year, KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School opened a brand new course called ‘LEVEL UP 500’. This drew a lot of attention quite quickly, but perhaps you’re wondering why? What does this name even mean?

The aim of this course is for the students enrolled to learn the Polish language from A0 level (a complete beginner in Polish) to B1 level (upper intermediate) in 500 hours. What’s more, these hours are to be done within 6 months of intensive learning, shared into 5 semesters, each of which are subsequently at a higher level, so students at different levels can also join this course as it’s going along at the beginning of a new semester. Each class is 4 hours long in total, and they take place at our school every week day.

The LEVEL UP 500 PROGRAM has now a very diverse and super interesting range of students, and we love to see them so eager to learn our language! A lot of our students are always interested in getting to B1 level or higher in order to communicate effectively in Polish and potentially write the state exam. It is human nature to be impatient 😉 so the fact that the Level Up 500 course boasts getting from A0 – B1 in 6 months was something that really drew attention, and still is!

Why is this course so fascinating and drawing so much attention from learners of Polish as a foreign language?

Ania, one of the two wonderful teachers running this course, who is very experienced and skilled in her field says she really enjoys teaching these lessons as you can “really immerse yourself in the Polish language 100%” and the fact it is so fast-paced means the results of effective teaching can be seen very quickly. A class that lasts 4 hours a day doesn’t have to be boring and spent only sitting down!”. And she adds, “creativity is very important being a teacher, and planning these lessons takes time to make them as interesting and engaging as possible. For example, the other day we just all stood up and played football together. We all said a positive sentence in Polish and passed the ball to one another. It was a fun and energizing way to take a break from sitting!”

Ania explains that during such a course, it’s necessary to strongly observe students to see how they learn, as everyone has somewhat different learning styles and needs. A challenge is to be able to run a class that benefits all in an equal way, but during classes they’re especially longer than others, this is more possible as there’s more time to use different methods. The biggest motivator is progress, for both the students and teachers!!

Mailing from Venezuela is one of our students who joined us for an intensive summer course, and she has now gone on to learning in our LEVEL UP 500 PROGRAM. For her, it’s all about practise. After completing a semester in this PROGRAM, which she admitted finding difficult sometimes, she says she has really improved this time around. “I can see the difference, and it’s very obvious.” Even though this semester is now a higher level than before, I think I just had to get used to this way and pace of learning. Now I have really got the hang of it and I’m enjoying it so much.”

So far this specialised program has proven to be a big success, and we’re so happy and proud to see improvement in our students and the achievements of our teachers.