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Do you feel that Polish grammar is difficult? Do you still struggle with it?


Come for a new GRAMMAR COURSE at A2 level! Everybody who would like to revise or systematise their knowledge of grammar is very welcome. Doesn`t matter if you currently don`t attend classes at KLUB DIALOGU, but feel that this kind of grammar revision will suit you, or you are a student, who`d like to intensify the Polish language learning (simultaneously to your course at school) – for sure you will find a lot of practical topics for yourself.

We kindly invite you for taking part in our unique summer program KLUB DIALOGU has prepared especially for you. Get to know our outstanding offer. In addition to regular, intensive and semi-intensive courses at all levels, a wide range of unusual events are available which will make your summer time even more attractive and full of “Polishness”. The Polish language has never been easy, and we know how to make it so!


EASTER (21 / 22.04) – this is a special time and the most important religious holiday in Poland. It begins with a HOLY WEEK (18 – 20/04) – from MAUNDY THURSDAY, through GOOD FRIDAY, it ends with a HOLY SATURDAY, when Christians celebrate food ceremoniously. People bring ‘święconka’, or baskets, to the church to be blessed, in which there are: hams, sausages, cakes, bread and ‘PISANKI’, or painted eggs.

EASTER SUNDAY (21/04) – On this morning, families sit together at the Easter table. Before meals, they share an egg whilst giving best wishes.

EASTER MONDAY (22/04) – this is the second day of Easter, which is associated with fun and … water! From the early hours of the morning, boys go pouring buckets of water over girls. Do not be surprised when, on this day, you will be accidentally covered with water on the street!

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To bring you closer to our tradition, the Polish Language School for Foreigners, KLUB DIALOGU invites you to free conversation classes at the school.


13th April (Saturday),

 A0 / A1, at 10 – 11.30 AM

A2 / B1, at 11.45 AM – 1.15 PM

During which we will talk about

How we celebrate Easter in Poland and in other countries.

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New courses at attractive prices! Check now. Go to PROMOTION ZONE.

To support you in this important decision, KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School has prepared a unique offer of courses for you, in which you will not only be spoilt for choice, but also won’t break the bank. From October to December 2018, each course costs only 690 PLN. If you decide to purchase two courses straight away, you will get a price guarantee of 680 PLN per course (1360 PLN in total). We have one more gift for you. If you buy a package of 2 courses, you will have the opportunity to buy phonetics or grammar lessons (max 4h) for only 85PLN/1h. The promotion includes courses starting from October to January 2019.

Bare in mind! The Christmas break at our school lasts from 24.12.2018 – 2.01.2019.

FREE TRIAL LESSON, September, 21st, 7PM
You have probably thought very deeply about taking up Polish, because you know that this is something that can level you up in everyday life in Poland. It usually takes some time, however, to transform that thought into… performance.

That`s why, in order to support you, we`d like to invite you, for the FREE TRIAL LESSON, during which we will demonstrate that Polish is not as difficult as it`s said to be and you will develop many useful skills. Moreover, you will receive a VOUCHER WORTH 50zł for their chosen course.

Where?: KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School, Aleje Jerozolimskie 55 flat 4

No one achieves mastery alone. You need a teacher. A coach. Just come. Ask your questions. Together we’ll determine if it’s right for you!

Just write to to sign up. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us on +48 664 788 004.

Friday 7th September 2018 at 6PM, we’re inviting you to a one of a kind event: HOUSEWARMING PARTY in KLUB DIALOGU.

Caring for our students’ learning comfort, in July, KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School moved to new location at Aleje Jerozolimskie 55/4. Now it’s a modern, beautiful place; open and friendly, where all foreigners are wholeheartedly invited to learn Polish, and we would like to share this good energy with you.

During the event, many attractions will be showcased, such as: ESCAPE ROOM, karaoke, and the exhibition opening of paintings by Joanna Kurella.

And what’s more, we will pamper you with sweets and champagne! And a surprise …

Each of our guests will receive a VOUCHER WORTH 50zł for their chosen course.

Sounds appealing? Just come and join us! We are waiting for you! Bring your friends along.

Discover a unique offer combining effective and creative Polish language learning with great fun during cultural and entertainment events during intensive summer courses.

Moreover, in summer prices of regular courses go incredibly down! See for yourself.

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For a long time we have been proud that the KLUB DIALOGU School attentively listens to the needs of our students. Our flexible approach and our desire to meet expectations meant that we decided to extend the group courses from 30 to 32 teaching hours, at the same, unchanged price for the course!

Therefore, learning Polish has never been so easy! The group decides if they would like to repeat the material being processed, do a practical outdoor lesson, or focus on phonetics or another chosen issue. An important element in teaching Polish is phonetics. At KLUB DIALOGU School, we care greatly about the comfort of our students’ education, which is why A0 courses begin with intense phonetic training.

How To Learn Polish In The Least Costly Manner?

KLUB DIALOGU gives out gifts not only for Christmas.
Sign up in advance in December for a course at your level starting in January and take advantage of the Christmas promotion!

in December prices drop down amazingly! All course for only 680 zł.

How are you going to benefit?
@ The majority of your savings will stay in your pocket, because we guarantee that you’ll get the same price for your next stage.
@ By the way, learning will be fun and an adventure  ?

Remember that time and the number of places are limited.

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