Canoeing is already a tradition part of KLUB DIALOGU summer events.  We have already canoed the Świder and Wkra rivers (2 times), and now our brave students have tried their hand at the Pilica river.  Fortunately, you don’t have to be a seasoned canoeist to spend an unforgettable day close to nature, surrounded by ducks, swans and aquatic plants.  36 brave canoeists, having successfully reached their destination, spent then time by the fire, roasting sausages, playing football and volleyball, and of course talking in 100 languages ​​of the world!  😊.  Thank you and see you next year!


Is the pronunciation of Polish sounds difficult for you?  Which sounds are the most complicated for you?  We know that the Polish language can be a challenge, so in the evening, after lessons, we invited students for an INTENSIVE PHONETIC TRAINING by the Wisła River.  Besides learning, it was great fun!  Students had the opportunity to practice such popular expressions as: cieszę się, dzięki! wstrząśnięty, lecz nie zmieszany, jestem szczególnie uszczęśliwiony, Kasia płaciła przy kasie za kaszę. 😊


On 2nd July, KLUB DIALOGU celebrated its 12 + 5th BIRTHDAY.  Why 12 + 5?  Well, the school was founded 17 years ago, so we have extensive experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language, but for 5 years it has been managed by new owners, Viola and Piotr, who gave the School a modern chic makeover and bring a lot of loveliness to the place!

Over 50 people came to our birthday party!  It was thanks to our wonderful students that it was an amazing evening full of attractions, conversations, making new friends and laughter. There was also a birthday cake and champagne.  And finally – a surprise!  THE CIRCLE OF FORTUNE, where with every ticket came a prize.  The biggest attraction for 12 people was a voucher for their next course.  Congratulations!


On Friday 11th December 2020, a long-awaited event took place at KLUB DIALOGU! (of course, with safety precautions). Our new teachers: Zosia and Irenka prepared a Christmas program. We learned new words and traditions from Poland and other countries, we decorated gingerbread cookies and sang Christmas carols. It was very nice and we had a lot of fun! We are waiting for the good times of the regular events to return, during which there will be a lot of us and everyone will have a great time.


We embarked on our 3rd annual canoeing adventure at the weekend, 6th July,. We canoed down the beautiful river Wkra for around 2 hours. Once we reached our destination we ate a grill, talked all together and played volleyball. Even despite the rainy weather, it was a really fantastic trip full of laughs. We want to thank those who came who made it another event not to forget in a hurry, and for those who couldn’t make it, we welcome you to our next events!


KLUB DIALOGU turned 3 under its new ownership of Viola and Piotr and on Friday we celebrated in style at the school! A lot of guests came amongst whom were our great students, teachers and friends and family.

The main attraction of the night was our game ‘Students have talent’. There were 3 teams of students and the game consisted of different categories, such as ‘advertisements’ where different products such as toilet paper, sausages and toothpaste had to be advertised (it was really amazing!!), ‘karaoke’ and ‘tongue twisters’. Our panel of judges had to award points to each team based on their performance.

Next we ate really delicious cake complete with our logo making it all the more special.

Finally we went on to giving out the awards. These prizes were awarded to: students who have studied at KLUB DIALOGU from A0 level up to B1, to ‘exceptionally loyal students’ as well as to our outstanding teachers and staff members.

Thank you all for making it a terrific birthday and for being with us! We are so proud of you all and of our school!



Klub Dialogu went bowling and we had a blast 😉 learning Polish is never boring, but with us you can always GUARANTEE fun twists, turns and adventures along the way.




In what other Polish school can you play ‘blind date’, dance on newspaper and receive letters from a secret admirer? My guess is only in Klub Dialogu ?

On Friday, 15th we hosted our Valentines event and it was, of course, a lot of fun. We first played 4 rounds of ‘blind date’ (‘randka w ciemno’) and the winners together with their match of each round went on to play other small games… the winners received a voucher of 100zł for a cafe. The voucher was cut into two pieces, however, so in order to redeem the prize, the pair has to go there together!! ? ?

We later on opened letters that we received from secret admirers ? that they had put in our Valentines Box during the past couple of weeks in school.

It was another beautiful event and we hope to see you all on the next one! Thank you for coming ? and now have a look at the pictures to see our event for yourselves!



Our event on Friday, 9th 2018 was such a success. Thank you to everyone that came and made it so special – how wonderful to celebrate 100 year anniversary with you all! We played ‘kalambury’ (charades), and had a quiz about Poland.
What’s more, thank you to everyone who made a video/photo contribution for our competition. Congrats to Alex who won!!

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