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We, the employees of the KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School, are not indifferent to the tragedy of people who, due to the difficult situation in their country, come to Poland to start a safe life in their new homeland.

As you know, in November 2021 we participated in the March of Solidarity with Refugees. Walking through the streets of Warsaw, we wanted to show that the fate of suffering people is important. We believe that you should always protest when someone is hurt, when a person has no chance for a normal life just because they were born in a country affected by war or other humanitarian crisis.

In December 2021 KLUB DIALOGU organised the Workshop of Writing Letters to Refugees “Solidarni w Cierpieniu” (‘Solidarity in Suffering’), to symbolically show our care and understanding for those in need.

We thank our students who were with us. It is thanks to you and other students that we can learn tolerance and openness!

Currently, as part of the ‘Solidarni w Edukacji’ (‘Solidarity in Education’) campaign, KLUB DIALOGU school funded a scholarship to learn Polish for a refugee who recently came to our country with his family.

Hear his story. This is just one of many thousands …

‘My name is Javid Khan (the name has been changed for the safety of the person). I’m 36 years old. I come from Afghanistan. I am the father of four children, boys – 14, 12, 8, and 2 years old. We currently live in a Refugee Centre near Warsaw.

After the fall of the previous government in Afghanistan, life in Afghanistan became unbearable after the Taliban took power. The terror affected practically everyone who disagreed with the new policy, especially women and those who had supported NATO and the US government for the past 20 years. I was one of those who worked for the Polish NATO troops. I dealt with logistics and purchases for the army.

The evacuation of people whose lives were particularly at risk from the Taliban lasted from August 15-30 2021. Hundreds of thousands of people and families with children have been evacuated from Afghanistan, but just as many are still waiting to leave the country…

Me and my family managed to contact the Polish government. Our escape route was through Pakistan. Unfortunately, during this trip I had a heart attack. The attack was very severe, so I had a coronary graft implanted in the hospital. After a short recovery, we happily reached Poland. Thanks to the help of wonderful people, we managed to escape the Taliban and receive a second life in peace.

We have been living in Poland for a month. We haven’t seen many places yet, but we’d love to get to know our new homeland. Poland is a beautiful country and we met many friends here and experienced amazing hospitality. Now I am very optimistic about our future. We are happy here, and now I have the opportunity to learn Polish at KLUB DIALOGU. My dream is for my children to receive education and become useful citizens and members of the Polish community.’

There are so many tragedies in the world. Let’s not be afraid to help. If it is possible, the KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School would like to support a few more people in learning Polish. However, for this action we need you and – our students. For this purpose, we have prepared CEGIEŁKI (bricks) ‘Solidarni w Edukacji’ (Solidarity in Education’). Each of you can buy one for any amount or set up a standing order. Our commitment: The total income from the payments will be allocated to learning Polish for the next Refugee! And we will do the rest!