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online Polish course

Online – what does it mean?

Lessons, meetings, online conferences are now a very popular and effective way to communicate and … learn Polish.

Many people think that the Polish language is difficult and cannot be learned online.  But it is not true!  KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School has professional methods that guarantee the best results. These are: interesting individual and group lessons, interactive applications (games, quizzes, educational platforms), additional materials (audio, video), and modern equipment. This is why our school gets great reviews from students.

Learning Polish online. Benefits for the student

Online learning has real potential.  First of all, it’s convenient and safe. You don’t have to physically go to classes, and you can join a Polish language course from another city or even from another country! You can sit comfortably in an armchair and learn as much as you like.

Secondly, your schedule of individual online Polish lessons is completely flexible. This is very important if you travel a lot, because you don’t have to miss studying anymore.

Thirdly, an important aspect is anonymity. The sense of distance helps a lot, especially those people who learn better on their own.

Learning Polish online is not boring at all.  Nor is it any less valuable than classroom activities at school!  Of course, the dynamics are different, but the Student-Teacher interaction is the same. The teacher conducts lessons in an organised manner, and the material from the lesson is easy to repeat and remember.

The effects of Polish language courses online

The passion, commitment, experience, qualifications, and great patience of the teachers of KLUB DIALOGU School are the advantages of online Polish language courses.

Why is learning Polish online at KLUB DIALOGU very effective?

# Manual – systematises knowledge; you can easily repeat the lessons

# Audio and video recordings – you can really feel the language

# Interactive games, quizzes – they encourage learning in a different, interactive way

# Presentations and additional materials – you can repeat and consolidate new words and grammar issues in an interesting way

# Difficult elements of grammar are repeated many times by the teacher

# It is the students who discover the grammar rules in the exercises themselves, which is why they remember them easily

What do KLUB DIALOGU School’s teachers say about learning Polish online?

Magda, teacher for 9 years:

‘At first I thought the screen would limit my expression. Now I know that working online is fully effective and enjoyable.  Messengers and Internet applications facilitate the transfer of knowledge and are attractive to students. It’s very nice that sometimes you can play an online quiz instead of completing the exercises in the textbook’.

Agata, teacher for 8 years:

‘Now students feel comfortable with this form of learning Polish very quickly. To get to know the language well, the continuity of learning is very important. Online learning is a great way for those people who travel a lot or often stay overtime at work. Of course, it is a fantastic form for those who do not live in Poland, and contact with the Polish language is very important to them!’

Learning online can be fun and an adventure!  What do our students say?

Brian from USA:

‘Online lessons with KLUB DIALOGU are really effective: it is a great way to efficiently integrate technology with learning Polish as a foreign language. I plan to continue these lessons until I am fluent. It is a very convenient form of learning for both me and my teacher!’

Alessia from Italy:

‘I have had Polish lessons online for 2 years now. I had never had the opportunity to do this before and I thought that only direct contact with the teacher was important for learning. Now I know that thanks to such online lessons I have more time for myself because I don’t have to go to school and I can study at home.  It’s very convenient!”

The KLUB DIALOGU Polish School for foreigners is constantly developing and responds to the market on an ongoing basis. That is why we are so attractive to our students.  And because learning is our passion – nothing is impossible for us!