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Alex Woods и KLUB DIALOGU приглашают вас на 8-недельный курс

Медитация — старое, но очень простое упражнение, позволяющее освежить ум и наполнить его энергией для выполнения жизненных дел. Она может перенести человека в место глубокого спокойствия, за пределы обычной умственной деятельности и всех забот повседневной жизни.

Присоединяйтесь к встречам, организованным в школе KLUB DIALOGU. Приглашаем начинающих и тех, кто имеет опыт медитации.

Курс будет проходить в течение 8 суббот с 9:45 до 10:45

Старт 27 января 2024 года

Оплата: 100 zł, чтобы покрыть административные расходы*

За курс (8 встреч) взимается оплата в размере 100 zł, чтобы покрыть административные расходы. Эта сумма должна быть внесена до начала второй встречи. Первая встреча, таким образом, бесплатна.

Не волнуйтесь, если вы пропустите одну или две встречи. Присоединиться можно позже, а первая встреча всегда бесплатна.


Meditation is enshrined in the Vedantic tradition that arose on the India subcontinent, and can be traced back to the oldest texts, such as the Vedas and the Upanishads. It has risen in popularity in recent decades, and while traditionally it is practised by focusing on a “mantra”, or special Sanskrit word, it is now practised in a variety of other forms also. One more recent form is what is now called, “mindfulness”, which is a simple exercise pioneered by earlier schools of meditation, in which one allows the attention to rest on the senses, touch, hearing, smell, taste … even the breath.


Meditation refreshes the mind, and makes one far more able to carry on the affairs of life, because it can take the meditator to a place of deep stillness, beyond all the mental activity and the worries, cares and strife of life, as well as its feverish excitements. Whether or not one is spiritual or religious,  meditation works for all. Indeed, the vision of those who have carried the tradition through the ages is that it should be made available to all of humanity.


Alex Woods has been meditating for over 25 years and practising meditation twice a day. He was first initiated into meditation at a ceremony through the London School if Meditation, established in 1961. It is one of the very oldest organisations in the West to provide meditation, having been set up following the visit to London of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (of Beatles fame), when this ancient practice first began to be introduced to the West. He meets in a weekly group with The School of Philosophy, to help support, strengthen and deepen the practice.


While the meditation that Alex Woods practises is meditation on a mantra (“Transcendental Meditation”), these meetings are for beginners (although those who wish to refresh their meditation are also welcome). The focus will be on simple exercises designed to still the mind for short periods, practising on one’s own outside the meetings. The goal of the course will therefore be an introduction into the practice, so that students can find out for themselves whether it is something they wish to take forward.


Once a regular practice in your life, meditation will bring the mind to rest, if only for a minute or two. This is enough. The important thing is to be practising regularly. Meeting in a face-to-face group over a number of sessions and with guidance is therefore very important in helping to establish meditation and generate a real interest in it, especially for the beginner, as students need to create a routine and practice that is lasting and it is difficult to do so alone.


For those who wish to become more formally initiated into meditation on a mantra, contact details to established organisations, such as The London School of Meditation, can be provided to the students.


The course will be in English. However, it is a practical course, and so even a limited understanding of the language is no barrier to attendance.