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KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School is a modern school that consistently follows the spirit of the times and wants to be always close to you.

That is why we want to modernise our LOGO.

If you would like to be part of these changes, please participate in:


and design the new LOGO for the School.


for the new LOGO of KLUB DIALOGU

Polish Language School for Foreigners

The School LOGO will become a public element of the visual identity of KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School for Foreigners and will serve identification, information and correspondence purposes.


Requisites for the LOGO:

  1. LOGO arrangement – free (preferably horizontal)
  2. Font – any
  3. Colours – a combination of 2 or 3 colors: burgundy (dark red), white and possibly black
  4. The LOGO is a graphic that will become the symbol of the School
  5. It should be understandable for people from all over the world
  6. The LOGO cannot be a plagiarism of another logo functioning on the market in whole or in part.


Below you can see our proposals.

Assumptions for the competition:

  1. Any student of KLUB DIALOGU School can take part in the competition
  2. KD teachers can participate in the competition
  3. Any person connected to KLUB DIALOGU School can take part in the competition
  4. Persons employed in the School’s office cannot participate in the competition


Requisites for the project:

  1. The project is considered to be submitted when it is sent to the following e-mail address:
  2. The design must be done in a graphics program. Any graphics program may be used.  The submitted project must be saved in PDF, JPG, PNG format.
  3. If the project is approved by the School, but the School would like to make a minor correction, then the School allows the possibility of calling the author of the project to make appropriate corrections.
  4. The final date for submitting the project is 30th September 2023, at 11:50pm.
  5. At the end of the competition, each person submitting a project will receive information about its progress and results.


Competition results:

  1. The criterion for evaluating the project is compliance with the point ‘requisites for the LOGO’ as well as the idea, compositional qualities, and innovation.
  2. If projects sent by different people are similar to each other or to the School’s project, the School may:

a/ choose one project

b/ choose and combine the best elements from different projects

  1. The decision to include the LOGO project in the final stage of selected projects is made by the school office.
  2. The selection of the LOGO will take place through a vote announced at the School, on Social Media and other communication channels of the School by mid-November 2023.
  3. The final selection of the LOGO belongs to the owners of the School and will take place by the end of November 2023.
  4. The results of the competition and the list of winners will be announced on Social Media and other platforms of the School in December 2023.



  1. The main prize will be awarded to the person whose project was finally selected and implemented for use.
  2. The school has the right to award additional prizes for projects from which selected elements have been taken.
  3. The school allows the possibility of not selecting a winner if:

a/ no LOGO has been approved

b/ the project by the School turned out to be the best project.

  1. The main prize for the student in the competition is free participation in a group course at a selected level (without a textbook) or 4 individual lessons (at school / online, 60 minutes each).  The prize does not apply to summer courses.
  2. The additional prize for the student is a textbook for learning the Polish language chosen by the student or a 10% discount to point 4 above.
  3. The main prize for the teacher or a person who is not a student is a cash prize of PLN 500.
  4. An additional prize for the teacher or a person who is not a student is a textbook for teaching Polish chosen by the teacher or a gadget made by the School.
  5. The prize must be used within 6 months from the date of announcement of the competition results.  Any unused prize will be forfeited.


Final Provisions:

  1. The author of the winning work, by entering the competition, agrees to the free transfer to KLUB DIALOGU School – the organiser of the competition – of all property rights to the LOGO design and its applications.
  2. Submitting a project to participate in the competition is treated as a simultaneous statement that the project does not infringe the rights of third parties, in particular, it does not infringe their property and moral rights.
  3. Upon the announcement of the results of the competition for the KLUB DIALOGU School, the copyrights to the winning project are transferred, including:

a/ recording in any form on any medium,

b/ multiplication by any technique, including: printing technique, digital technique, computer recording technique on all types of media adapted to this form of recording.

  1. After the end of the competition, the submitted works remain with the Organiser.
  2. The school reserves the right to resolve any disputes at its sole discretion.