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Easter – is the most important Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, i.e. the victory of life over death. What an eloquent symbol in 2022, in the 21st century, when an unjust war is being waged in the center of Europe, in Ukraine. A war in which one Slavic and Christian state – Putin’s Russia, sheds the blood of its brother Slavs, Christians – Ukrainians.  

Yet although Poles do not experience hostility themselves, it is an extremely difficult experience for us. Being both Slavs and Christians, we consider freedom and peace to be the most important values ​​of the modern world. 

It is so difficult to concentrate on preparing for Easter now, knowing that millions of people have lost all their belongings, and often the roof over their heads. That is why we want to dedicate this time to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, surrounding them with support, love, and whatever everyone can offer in their charity. 

Traditional Easter in Poland

In Poland, Easter consists of a number of events. You probably noticed on Sunday 10th April, many people were walking with green or coloured twigs in their hands. These are EASTER PALMS – a symbol of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Let them, this year, be a symbol of the triumphant Ukrainian flag over a free Ukraine!

Saturday 16th April is a special time of blessing food in the church. On this day, Christians prepare baskets full of food. They include bread, cold cuts, eggs, salt, pepper, and cake. They also put a lamb in the basket made of bread or sugar. However, in each region of Poland, the decoration and composition of Easter baskets differ from each other.

Traditionally, we celebrate Easter on two days: Sunday and Monday. This year, when we sit down at the table, our thoughts will be directed to Ukraine, and our wishes have one word: FREEDOM.  

Holidays in the Orthodox rite, the religion of which are our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, will begin a week later. May it be a peaceful holiday, free from threats and fear for loved ones, in an independent country under the blue and yellow flag. 

Let this holiday be not only a triumph of life over death in a symbolic dimension, but also a victory of PEACE over WAR in the here and now! 

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