A unique PROGRAM  of the POLISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE FOR FOREIGNERS  designed for those foreigners who want to improve their knowledge of Polish and the Polish culture throughout.

KLUB DIALOGU is a Polish school that provides Polish lessons for beginners (Polish basic) and at the intermediate and advanced level.

Participation in the PROGRAM helps in obtaining a Polish VISA, however, it DOES NOT give a GUARANTEE of this. Applying for a visa is possible by the CONFIRMATION LETTER issued by the School.


The PROGRAM includes:

  • Standard 90- lesson hours (90x45min.) of the Polish language course. (However, we adjust the number of hours to the requirements of the Polish embassy in a specific country).
  • The opportunity to participate in workshops and additional events organised by the School, expanding knowledge about Polish culture and traditions.

Rules for participation in the PROGRAM:

After making a payment for the PROGRAM “the POLISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE FOR FOREIGNERS”, KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School issues a CONFIRMATION LETTER for the period of lessons specified by the student spanning over one year.

At any time, from the moment of arrival to Poland, the person taking part in the PROGRAM joins the standard course at the School in accordance with the schedule of Polish courses presented on the website Klub Dialogu school ensures continuity of courses at various levels of education.

All Polish lessons must be used within the time specified in the CONFIRMATION LETTER.


The fee for “the POLISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE FOR FOREIGNERS” PROGRAM is PLN 2,800 (= $760 = €670) which must be paid in one installment.

The fee includes the price for the Polish language course (90 teaching hours) and the cost of textbooks. (Higher number of hours increases the price for the PROGRAM accordingly).

Other costs related to the implementation of “the POLISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE FOR FOREIGNERS” workshops (e.g. museum tickets, guide costs, Polish lunch), if required, are an additional cost.

Please, make the right decision. The fee can be refund only in the case if the visa application is refused. Then, the person taking part in the PROGRAM has the right to withdraw from the contract. They are obliged to:

  • Let the School know via e-mail;
  • Send a confirmation of the visa refusal.
  • KLUB DIALOGU School will refund the fee for the PROGRAM (minus administrative costs amounting to 300 PLN).
  • Learning Polish in Warsaw at Klub Dialogu Polish Language School is the most efficient way to speak Polish fluently. Join us.


Contact the Polish embassy in your country and find out how many hours are required to obtain a visa.

Contact us to inform us about your willingness to participate in the PROGRAM “the POLISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE fOR FOREIGNERS”.

Make a payment to the following account:

mBank S.A. , Mickiewicza 10, 90-050 Łódź
Receipt (złoty): 48 1140 2004 0000 3402 3476 4523

Receipt (euro): 23 1140 2004 0000 3412 0550 7605

Reciept (USD): 80 1140 2004 0000 3512 0550 7597

Information is also available on our website:

After paying the full amount, you will receive an invoice from us confirming the payment and a CONFIRMATION LETTER confirming your participation in the PROGRAM. We will firstly send a scan by mail, and the original one in the preferred manner indicated by you; if the shipment is to be made by priority letter or courier, the person taking part in the PROGRAM bears the costs of this shipment.

When you arrive in Poland, sign up for one of the courses available at KLUB DIALOGU. A list of available courses can be found at or contact us for more information.

Take into account that you must use your Polish language hours, so after completing the first course you will be asked to sign up for the next one.

Remember that you have 1 year to use the Polish lesson hours.

Learn the Polish Language at our Polish classes for foreigners from beginner to advanced levels (A0-C1)!


We hereby confirm that Mr/Mrs  …… , born in …… on …. / …. / ….., passport number ……. with an expiration date of …. /…. / …. is enrolled on the PROGRAM of “the POLISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE FOR FOREIGNERS” organised by KLUB DIALOGU s.c. Language School, Polish for Foreigners, Wioletta Kunicka-Kajczuk, Piotr Kajczuk. The PROGRAM will last from …. /…. / …. until …. /…. /….., and it consists of ….. – lesson hours of Polish language classes. He/She is obligated to enrol on a course that is suitable to his/her level, and available within the school’s timetable within one month after their arrival to Poland, but no later than 7 months before the expiration date documented in this confirmation letter. Mr/Mrs  …. is aware, that any absence during the course effectuates the hours of the course to expire accordingly to the pre-agreed time limit, and information regarding this fact will be put forward to the Office for Foreigners.

Rules regarding course participation are withheld within the Term and Conditions section available on the KLUB DIALOGU website ( ) and in the school’s office.

Mr/Mrs …………………..  has paid  ……………. PLN on ……………….. (date) and it is 100% of the total tuition fee.