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The ONE YEAR COURSE “Polish Language and Culture For Foreigners” is aimed at foreigners who want to improve their knowledge of the Polish language and Polish culture at the KLUB DIALOGU School.  A CONFIRMATION LETTER of participation in the ONE YEAR PROGRAM can certainly help in obtaining a Polish visa (but does not guarantee it).  Therefore, it is an opportunity not only to effectively learn the language and immerse yourself in Polish culture, but to also increase the probability of a successful visa application / Residence Card.

Sign up for the ONE YEAR PROGRAM of the Polish language today!


In the standard version, the ONE YEAR PROGRAM includes:

  • 90 lesson hours (90 x 45 minutes; 3 modules) of a group Polish language courses, corresponding to your level;
  • 2 study books;
  • participation in free, additional workshops and events organised by the School, aimed at expanding knowledge about Polish culture and traditions.

The number of hours in the PROGRAM can be freely changed and adapted to the specific requirements of the Polish embassy in a given country.


Rules of participation:

You join the regular, group Polish language course for foreigners in accordance with the schedule applicable at School. The schedule is available on the page: GROUP COURSES.

KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School for Foreigners in Warsaw ensures the continuity of courses at all levels of education, from beginner (A0) to the Polish certificate exam at B1 and B2 levels.

The hours purchased for group courses may be converted into the hours of individual lessons according to the rate applicable at the School. Read more about individual lessons.

Purchased lesson hours must be fully used within the time indicated on the CONFIRMATION LETTER. Unused hours are lost.


The standard fee for the ONE YEAR PROGRAM “Polish Language and Culture For Foreigners” includes:

  • participation in group Polish language courses for foreigners
  • the cost of textbooks

The payment should be made in one installment.


Fee of the ONE YEAR PROGRAM according to the number of hours:

  • 90 l-h* (3 modules**) – 2.999 PLN;
  • 120 l-h (4 modules) – 3.599 PLN;
  • 180 l-h (6 modules) – 4.950 PLN;
  • 270 l-h (9 modules) – 6.999 PLN.

*l-h – lesson hour (45 min.)
** 1 module = 30 lesson hours

Other costs related to the implementation of the “Polish Language and Culture” workshops (e.g. museum tickets, guide costs, Polish lunch), if required, are covered by you.


You have the right to withdraw from the contract and refund the fee only as a result of refusal of a visa or a Residence Card.  In order for the withdrawal from the contract to be effective, you are obliged to:

  • inform KLUB DIALOGU School of this fact by e-mail to the address;
  • send a scan of the declaration of refusal of a visa / Residence Card issued by the relevant Office

If you have not started Polish language lessons, KLUB DIALOGU School will reimburse the fee, minus administrative costs in the amount of 300zł.

If you started Polish language lessons and during your course received a negative decision from the Office, KLUB DIALOGU School will refund the fee according to the following:

Refund of the fee = fee paid – 300zł – number of started modules – cost of coursebook(-s)

If the fee was paid in foreign currency (€ or $) refund will be made according to the exchange rate on the day of payment.

The School will refund the fee to the account number provided during registration within 7 days from the effective withdrawal from the contract.

Warning!  The ONE YEAR COURSE “Polish Language and Culture For Foreigners” automatically expires on the end date specified in the CONFIRMATION LETTER.  If, by that time, you have not contacted KLUB DIALOGU School in order to conduct Polish language lessons, the School will not refund the fee for the ONE YEAR PROGRAM.


1/ We recommend that you first contact the Polish embassy in your country of residence to determine the required number of hours for the CONFIRMATION LETTER.

2/ Please send an e-mail to, informing about your interest to participate in the ONE YEAR COURSE. Please attach a scan of the passport page with a photo, and provide the number of hours necessary and the planned start date of the PROGRAM.

3/ Payment must be made to the bank account:

Al. Jerozolimskie 55/4; 00-697 Warszawa

mBank SA, ul. Mickiewicza 10, 90-050 Łódź
Account (złoty): 48 1140 2004 0000 3402 3476 4523
Account (euro): 23 1140 2004 0000 3412 0550 7605
Account (USD): 80 1140 2004 0000 3512 0550 7597

After paying the full amount, KLUB DIALOGU School will issue an invoice confirming the payment and a CONFIRMATION LETTER confirming your participation in the PROGRAM. The documents will be sent immediately in the manner and to the address indicated by you. If the shipment is to be made by priority mail or courier, you must bear the costs of this shipment.


After arriving to Poland, you are required to sign up for one of the group courses offered by the KLUB DIALOGU School or contact the School’s office.  The list of available courses is available at GROUP COURSES.

In order to use all the hours of learning Polish, after completing the first module of the course, you will be asked to sign up for the next one, until the purchased hours are used.

Please remember that the time limit for using the hours for learning Polish is 1 year.


How to effectively learn Polish in Warsaw?  Come to Polish language lessons for foreigners.  All levels are available: Polish for beginners and advanced.


We hereby confirm that Mr/Mrs  …… , born in …… on …. / …. / ….., passport number ……. with an expiration date of …. /…. / …. is enrolled on the PROGRAM of “the POLISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE FOR FOREIGNERS” organised by KLUB DIALOGU s.c. Language School, Polish for Foreigners, Wioletta Kunicka-Kajczuk, Piotr Kajczuk. The PROGRAM will last from …. /…. / …. until …. /…. /….., and it consists of ….. – lesson hours of Polish language classes. He/She is obligated to enrol on a course that is suitable to his/her level, and available within the school’s timetable within one month after their arrival to Poland, but no later than 7 months before the expiration date documented in this confirmation letter. Mr/Mrs  …. is aware, that any absence during the course effectuates the hours of the course to expire accordingly to the pre-agreed time limit, and information regarding this fact will be put forward to the Office for Foreigners.

Rules regarding course participation are withheld within the Term and Conditions section available on the KLUB DIALOGU website ( ) and in the school’s office.

Mr/Mrs …………………..  has paid  ……………. PLN on ……………….. (date) and it is 100% of the total tuition fee.