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The ‘LEVEL UP 500’ PROGRAM has been prepared by KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School for Foreigners, for those who would like to:

  • Quickly and effectively learn the Polish language from scratch up to the level authorising to approach the State Exam on B1 level (from A0 to B1);
  • Effectively communicate in the Polish Language during every day situations (at work, on the street, in the company, settle their affairs in the Office, make purchases in the store, make an appointment, etc.);
  • Take up studies at Polish Universities.

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What is it?

Intensive phonetics training is a series of professionally developed lessons with pronunciation exercises. These exercises are carried out in a fun and playful way, embellished with comical phrases and a remarkable combination of sounds, are not only memorable, but, most importantly, will provide you with joy and correct pronunciation!

For whom? 

Intensive phonetic training is mainly intended for foreigners who:

  • Have only just started learning the Polish language and want to immediately pick up correct pronunciation habits;
  • Have a problem with pronouncing Polish sounds, making it difficult to understand their speech;
  • According to the teacher’s indication.

How to apply? 

All you have to do is apply in the school office. We provide both single lessons and a course. Intensive phonetics training can be organised for a whole group or individually. All arrangements are made with those who’re interested.

And the price?

  • 1h (60 min.) – 100 PLN
  • 1 lesson hour (45 min.) – 80 PLN.


„Idę ze swoją najlepszą koleżanką i jej kolegą na film do kina w Warszawie

We know that Polish grammar might be difficult at every level. Verb conjugation, different noun and adjective endings, it`s something that even the most skilful student spends sleepless nights about!


KLUB DIALOGU Polish language school has prepared an intensive GRAMMAR PROGRAM at A2 level for everybody who would like to revise or systematise their knowledge of grammar.

During the new grammar course we will remind you:

  • How nouns, adjectives, pronouns, numerals should be properly conjugated, both in singular and plural form and in which situations we use them.
  • Accusative or Genitive? Locative, Instrumental or Dative? How to build compound sentences using all these forms in the appropriate way.
  • Perfect or imperfect? How & when should we apply them.
  • How to give orders and use conditionals?
  • How to use adjectives and adverbs in the superlative & comparative?
  • How to use the past, present and future tenses correctly.
  • And much, much more!

Doesn`t matter if you currently don`t attend classes at KLUB DIALOGU, but feel that this kind of grammar revision will suit you, or you are the student, who`d like to intensify your Polish language learning (simultaneously to your course at school) – for sure you will find a lot of practical topics for yourself.

The PROGRAM consists of 2 parts, 10h (5 meetings) each and is held once a week for 2h. The first part focuses mostly on nouns and adjectives, while during the second part we will more concentrate on verbs and adverbs.

The courses in 2020:


Fridays, from 11th September to 9th October 2020 at 6 – 8 PM

Classes: 11.09, 18.09, 25.09, 2.10, 9.10

Fee: PLN 300 + PLN 110 for the coursebook ‘Gramatyka dla praktyka’


Fridays, 24th January to 21st February, 2020 at 6 – 8 PM

Classes: 24.01, 31.01, 7.02, 14.02, 21.02

Fee: PLN 300 + PLN 110 for 2 coursebooks: ‘Megatest’ and ‘Gramatyka? Ależ tak!”


Fridays, 30th October to 27th November, 2020 at 6 – 8 PM

Classes: 30.10, 6.11, 13.11, 20.11, 27.11

Fee: PLN 300 + PLN 110 for 2 coursebooks: ‘Megatest’ and ‘Gramatyka? Ależ tak!”

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