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Thank you for your interest in the Polish language course for employees of your company, organised by our school KLUB DIALOGU. We believe that our experience and commitment helps students achieve and maintain a high level of Polish language skills that will enable them to manage in business and everyday situations.


15 years of experience. During this time, we have successfully taught over 2,000 students during more than 40,000 lesson hours.

Flexibility of location (within the borders of Warsaw), hours and intensity of classes. We understand that the time devoted to learning is limited, therefore our courses are “tailor-made”.

A unique teaching method. From the first lesson, we speak and encourage you to likewise speak Polish. Our priority is to teach you how to deal with business and everyday life situations.

The first lesson is free. This gives you the chance to learn about our teaching methods and make an informed decision.

It is possible to cancel a lesson, or change the time of classes, up to 4pm the day before the scheduled classes, thanks to which the classes are not lost.

Qualified teachers. All of our teachers:

  • Have a university degree and have completed the required series of training courses for teaching Polish as a foreign language and working according to the standards set by KLUB DIALOGU. This guarantees a high level of intellectual lessons.
  • Are active, patient, effective, trustworthy and enthusiastic about teaching. Thanks to their involvement, they do not focus only on the textbook, but make the classes more attractive according to the student’s interests.
  • Can communicate in English and other selected languages, such as Russian, Italian, Spanish, German and Chinese.

A friendly and committed office. We settle everything you may need with a smile ?.

We sign a Training Agreement regulating the rights and obligations of both parties. The contract template can be found HERE.

References available on request, or go HERE.


It is possible to buy any number of hours. Payment is based on the invoice issued by KLUB DIALOGU for the declared number of hours. The invoice must be paid before the course starts.

The fee is charged per unit, regardless of the number of people (in the group of 1-5 people).

An additional fee is the fee for textbooks recommended by the teacher during the first lesson.







(1 – 5 people in a group)

At the customer’s place of choice / At school

Classes focus on general knowledge of the Polish language at A0-C1 level. “Tailor-made” are tailored to your needs.

120 zł / 1h
180 zł / 1,5h



Industry Courses Tailor-made classes include industry vocabulary adapted to the needs facilitating everyday work in Poland. 130zł / 1h

195zł / 1,5h

Specialised Courses Classes are tailor-made and cover areas such as phonetics and exam preparation. 130zł / 1h

195zł / 1,5h

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