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Our learning program is consistent with the system of levels described in the European Framework of Reference for Languages and with requirements of ALTE – The Association of Language Testers in Europe.


А0 (Polish for beginners) is the appropriate level for non-Slavic foreigners at which to start learning. During the courses at KLUB DIALOGU school, the student learns how to take part in basic Polish conversations, gets to know new phrases, forms of expressions and vocabulary that will allow them to function easily in everyday life. This is a very important stage of learning Polish for beginners as a foreign language for understanding the idea of ​​one of the most difficult languages in the world. Thanks to original, innovative methods, learning basic Polish becomes an adventure as well as a pleasure. From the very first basic Polish classes, students are encouraged to speak, and regular classes are supported by phonetics lessons. The entire level of the basic Polish language (A0) is scheduled for approximately 60 lesson hours. That is why for the convenience of our students, we divided it into 2 MODULES, 32 lesson hours each (A0 and A0+: ‘Survival – Polish for beginners’).

Experienced teachers with many years of practice

All classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers in teaching Polish as a foreign language. Therefore, in each basic Polish language class, new skills can be acquired that can immediately be used in practice. Making an appointment or ordering in a restaurant will not be a problem.

After the Polish for beginners course (A0) the student will be able to:

  • Introduce yourself and others and have simple discussions in an official and unofficial situation;
  • Name and describe jobs and the place of work;
  • Conduct basic Polish conversations in a shop, restaurant and other public places (transport), make an appointment;
  • Use dates, times, seasons, names of the days and months;
  • In general, acquires skills on how to learn basic Polish by themselves.

Polish as a foreign language teaching program:

  • Good morning (welcome and farewell, spelling, numerals)
  • My office (vocabulary, asking questions)
  • I’m hungry (vocabulary, price questions, colours)
  • Shopping (groceries, numbers 100 – 1000)
  • My work and hobbies (adjectives, learning basic Polish language for foreigners)
  • My week (names of the days of the week, time and location)
  • What time is it?  (hours, times of day, means of transport)
  • Months and dates (names of months, seasons, making an appointment)
  • I have a meeting (holidays, celebrations, official and informal meetings)
  • Weekend (traveling, booking)

At A1 level (Polish language for beginners) as a foreign language, the student understands and conducts basic Polish conversations. They can introduce themselves and other people, answer questions about their place of residence, the people they know and things they have. They use vocabulary that allows easy communication with others, provided that the interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly, showing willingness to cooperate.

Polish for beginners (A1) is the appropriate level for Slavic foreigners at which to start learning.

We kindly invite for our basic Polish courses.

Experienced teachers with many years of practice

Basic Polish language courses for foreigners at A1 level give the possibility to learn vocabulary and the ability to create phrases that will be useful in many situations. Polish lessons for beginners guarantee an improvement in language skills and knowledge resources at the lower level. All classes are conducted by experienced teachers with many years of practice. The individual approach and skills of effective information transfer allow you to easily master and assimilate the basics of Polish as a foreign language. Our mission is not only to convey the most important phrases and principles of the language but to also show various elements related to the culture and tradition of our country. Already during courses at A1 level (Polish for beginners) in KLUB DIALOGU school, we encourage you to speak and freely use your acquired skills and vocabulary.

Learn basic Polish with us!

Feel more confident!

The entire A1 level (Polish language for beginners) is planned for approximately 120 lesson hours. Therefore, for the convenience of our students, we divided it into 5 MODULES, 32 lesson hours each. Attending basic Polish language courses for foreigners allows you to adapt faster to life in a new country and understand the mentality of Poles.

After completing the A1 level, the student will be able to:

  • Ask simple questions;
  • Briefly discuss situations, justify their choices, express opinions on everyday topics (hobby, sport, plans for the day, meetings, education, public holidays, art);
  • Characterise a person / object;
  • Conduct a basic Polish conversation in public places, at the doctors, at work, while travelling, arrange a visit somewhere, make a complaint, accept an invitation, make a reservation, etc.;
  • Use the present, past, and future tenses.

Polish as a foreign language teaching program:

  • Who are you?  (making contact, asking questions, identifying features)
  • This is my family (vocabulary, introducing myself and others)
  • What do you like doing?  (hobby, conduct basic Polish conversations)
  • Can we go to the cinema?  (asking for information, ordering, genitive, singular form)
  • Shopping (buying, expressions of preferences and negations, personal pronouns)
  • It already happened!  (the past tense)
  • What are your plans?  (expressing hopes, future tense)
  • Where are you?  (localization, nominative)
  • It’s cold and everything hurts!  (visit to the doctor, body parts)
  • Sport is health!  (expressing opinions, gerunds)
  • Do you like learning Polish?  (expressing opinions, ‘learn’, ‘be interested’, ‘be occupied’)
  • How to learn basic Polish independently

a2At A2 (pre- intermediate) level of Polish as a foreign language, a student can already communicate in simple situations related to everyday matters, such as work, school, entertainment, etc., requiring the exchange of short and clear information. We make sure that while studying at A2 level, the student is confident in their language skills and has no resistance to using them in everyday situations and events, and confidently uses their vocabulary and language phrases. The entire A2 level is planned for about 120 lesson hours of lessons. Therefore, for the convenience of our students, we divided it into 5 MODULES, 32 lesson hours each.

Commitment and motivation

The KLUB DIALOGU teaching staff uses proprietary methods in teaching Polish as a foreign language at A2 level. With patience, commitment and necessary qualifications, expanding knowledge and skills makes learning a pleasure. If you started learning basic Polish with us, not doubts, you are very well prepared to study at this level.

After completing A2 level of Polish as a foreign language, students will be able to:

  • Talk about yourself and others, about future plans, give advice;
  • Compare people, places, objects, information;
  • Draw conclusions and argue, interpret statistical data;
  • Express feelings, hopes, wishes, describe the pros and cons of people and places;
  • Speak about the family (family relationships, friendships etc.);
  • Understand headlines and short articles from newspapers and magazines;
  • Describe customs, culture and celebrations in Poland and other countries;
  • Review a book, magazine, art, film;
  • Express surprise, protest, opinion, approval and use idioms.

b1At B1 level (intermediate) of the Polish language for foreigners, student understands uncomplicated texts on a topic they know: work, education, entertainment, art, traveling, etc. They can deal with various situations that they encounters in everyday life, tell about events they witnessed, about their own experiences, dreams, hopes and ambitions and provide a short justification or explanation regarding the project or idea.

Polish for foreigners

The entire B1 level is scheduled for approximately 120 lesson hours. Therefore, for the convenience of our students, we divided it into 5 MODULES, 32 lesson hours each. After completing the Polish language course for foreigners at level B1, the student will have a wide range of knowledge, vocabulary and good grammar skills. They will easily communicate in Polish in everyday life as well as in professional or scientific life. They will be able to shape their speech using emotional means of expression, and will not have difficulty understanding the interlocutor’s expression, even in the case of a native speaker.

Practical learning of the Polish language

The teachers of KLUB DIALOGU school have extensive language and educational competences that allow them to transfer knowledge in a simple, accurate and accessible way. Individual approach and original learning model allow achieving excellent results. It is a practical preparation that ensures fluency in Polish.

Each module of the course at B1 level is a preparation stage for the State Examination for the Certificate of Polish as a foreign language. The modules develop and consolidate all language skills, such as writing, reading, speaking, listening comprehension and grammar.

Start Polish lessons for beginners, continue them at pre-intermediate level, polish your Polish at B1 and KLUB DIALOGU can guarantee your positive result at the State Exam.

b2At B2 (advanced) level of Polish as a foreign language, the student understands most of the instructions and longer texts on both specific and abstract problems, including specialist discussion on topics from their own professional area. They’re able to communicate freely with native speakers, construct a clear, detailed statement on various topics and express their point of view.

At C1 level of Polish as a foreign language, the student understands complex texts and is able to recognise hidden undertones. They can speak in a spontaneous and fluent way. They use complex grammatical structures for organisation and internal consistency of the text. The student reacts easily during conversation, understands messages and constructs their own forms of expression, presenting their views, opinions and comments. The student finds themselves in the discussion and freely speaks on all topics.

At level C2 of Polish as a foreign language, the student effortlessly understands both by listening and reading texts. They can summarise information from various sources and clearly present a problem, providing arguments. They can express themselves spontaneously and very fluently, accurately distinguishing the nuances of meaning even in more complex situations.

Polish for foreigners B2-C2

During the Polish language courses for foreigners at B2-C2 level, students use the acquired knowledge resources, rich vocabulary, both general, specialist and expert. They are constantly encouraged to conduct a free dialogue on both private, business and scientific topics. Students polish all language skills, such as fluent reading comprehension, writing, understanding authentic listening texts, and advanced grammar. All Polish language courses at KLUB DIALOGU (from basic Polish up to the advanced level) prepare our students for the State Certificate Exam.

Professional teaching staff

At KLUB DIALOGU school, Polish language courses for foreigners are conducted according to proprietary methods of teaching Polish as a foreign language by a group of qualified teachers, distinguished by high qualifications, an individual approach, unusual and interesting lesson ideas, broad general knowledge and motivating skills to learn.

Klub Dialogu Szkoła Języka polskiego

We teach Polish language basics for beginners up until advanced levels. Beginner Polish language courses help you to understand the concepts of Polish language and allow you to feel more comfortable in Poland. If you want to start to learn basic Polish join a course with us to give you a perfect starting point. Polish for beginners doesn’t have to be overwhelming.