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Managing Director
I speak English
Anuszka_na stronę
Office Coordinator
I speak Ukrainian, Russian, English




By education I am a teacher and a lector of Polish as a foreign language. I started my adventure with teaching Polish in 2011 by joining Klub Dialogu school, of which I am now the owner.

I like going to the cinema, theater, visiting new restaurants and cafes in Warsaw, reading, sleeping, listening to film and ethnic music, eating pizza, drinking Chilean red wine, swimming, walking and cycling. Travel is my passion!

My favourite Polish words are: wspaniale (great), brzoskwinia (peach) and pszczoła (bee).

I speak: Polish, English and Spanish.

Agata Kliber


I am a specialist educator and teacher of Polish as a foreign language. As a teacher, I have been working with KLUB DIALOGU school since 2014. In 2019, I took the role of school methodologist. I am currently responsible for the quality of the programs and the level of teaching at the school.

Work is my passion! It gives me the opportunity to surround myself with people from all over the world who inspire me to learn about their cultures, traditions, religions, languages, cuisine and a wider view of the world.

I like reading, going to the cinema, traveling and cooking.

My favorite words are: pięknie, serio, bingo

I speak: Polish and English



I am a literary historian. Currently, I combine my work at Klub Dialogu with my work at the university, where I teach classes in the history of general literature. I also edit and write, mainly sketches and literary reviews.

I am interested in literature, especially Russian, as well as philosophy, modernist art and film. I love Polish cinema, but I am also fascinated by the French New Wave and the films of Charles Chaplin. I love music, from classic to popular; from Bach, to electronic and rock music.

My favourite Polish word is: cisza (silence).

I speak Polish, English and Russian.

Sandra_na stronę


I am a teacher of Polish as a foreign language, as well as a certified speech therapist. Such connections guarantee that my students quickly and correctly learn to speak Polish. My work at KLUB DIALOGU gives me a lot of satisfaction, mainly due to the students that come to our school everyday.

I like to eat, sleep and drink gallons of tea. I try to spend my free time with my family, friends or bike riding.

My favourite Polish words are: mężczyźni (men), ekstra! (great!)

I speak: Polish, English and German.

Sylwia Mirosław11


I am a cultural anthropologist and a teacher of Polish as a foreign language. Teaching Polish is a great pleasure for me, and also a constant challenge. I love to overcome language barriers and help others. I enjoy being an ambassador of my country; talking about its history, culture and everyday life. I like to create a pleasant atmosphere and sense of humour during my lessons.

I like reading reports, learning foreign languages, cooking and spending time amongst nature. What’s more, I love to listen to Spanish songs.

My favourite Polish words are: naprawdę? (really?), dziękuję (thank you) and kapuśniak (cabbage soup).

I speak Polish, English, Spanish and Russian.



I have been working at KLUB DIALOGU since 2018 along with an academic career (PhD student at the University of Warsaw). In my free time I translate dramas. I am fascinated by the culture of Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans (avant-garde, theatre, literature, cinema, philosophy, languages, folklore). I am a literary scholar by education, a linguist by passion. I am a collector and a language nerd. I like to show the language “inside out”, play with semantics, etymology and any deconstruction of words.

I speak: English, Russian, Hungarian and Serbian.

Wioletka Grabarczuk_na stronę


I am a Polish philologist and speech therapist, and I am still developing and studying as a glottologist. I have been working in KLUB DIALOGU since the beginning of 2019. I am very happy that working as a Polish language teacher as a foreign language, as I have the chance to meet people from almost all over the world. I also like to travel around Poland, discover new places and visit old ones. I am always impressed by the linguistic and cultural (especially culinary!) diversity of the world. I like reading, cooking and eating; I’m interested in neuropsychology. I love the sound of Polish and I like listening to it – people, music, the sounds of nature.

My favourite Polish words are: cisza, dżdżysty, słowotwórczy, przyjaciel, niedźwiedź, rabarbar.

I speak: English and French, I am learning Italian.

Irminka1_na stronę


I have a diploma in Polish philology with an editorial and media specialty from the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. I have been working with the KLUB DIALOGU since 2018.

I’m interested in etymology and word formation. I like reading Polish literature and drawing.

My favourite Polish word is: poniekąd

I speak: Polish and English

Beata_na stronę1


I studied at the Catholic University of Lublin, where I obtained a masters degree in Polish philology with a specialisation in pedagogy. I have been working with Klub Dialogu since 2018.

I am interested in contemporary literature and European cinema. I love opera. I like learning foreign languages.

My favourite Polish word: dobrostan.

I speak: English, French, Russian and some Italian.