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As with every year, our ever-growing Polish language school KLUB DIALOGU opened its summer schedule to allow our students, new and old, to take part in intensive group courses that wouldn’t normally be available during the year. These courses were split into day and evening classes, both with their own unique appeal.

Our DAYTIME COURSES were very intensive, 3 hour a day classes from Monday to Friday, split into three groups depending on Polish level: ‘Introduction to Polish’, ‘Beginners’ and ‘Intermediate Conversations’. These classes focused on Polish language basics ranging from levels A0 to A2. The aim of the ‘Introduction to Polish’ and ‘Beginners’ courses was to very intensely and efficiently form a Polish foundation to build upon by using textbooks and extra materials in the classroom. Engaging activities in class and outside during the outstanding visit in National Museum was an essential aspect of the teaching process. The ‘Intermediate Conversations’ class was a group for those on A2 level and can engage with others in different situations and conversation. It was a purely interactive and conversational class that involved a lot of imagination and creativity in the group.

During the evenings we hosted our EVENING MEETINGS classes which comprised a totally different timetable and approach. It was a combination of grammar along with speaking skills, general confidence boosting and many attention-drawing topics.

What’s more, on some Fridays we held “Filmowy piąteczek” where we watched Polish movies and there were discussion at the end. On Wednesdays there were phonetics classes which were suitable for all levels and helped with pronunciation, held by one of our trained speech therapists. It’s no secret that Polish has many difficult sounds that’re very hard for foreigners to get their head around, but these classes, in a fun and engaging way, step-by-step helped to overcome many of these difficulties. Precise pronunciation is the key to speaking Polish as a foreign language confidently and understandably.

EVENING MEETINGS lessons took place most evenings from June through to August. Students were free to choose which classes they wanted to attend, which is where the flexibility aspect of this year’s summer schedule came in.

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