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KLUB DIALOGU recommends: Bicycle paths in Warsaw

Warsaw is a great city for cycling. You’ve probably noticed that there are bike rental stations in many places, and a bike path leads to every location. (Well, maybe to almost every ;-)).

The most beautiful, recreational bicycle path in Warsaw runs along the right side of the Vistula River, i.e. from the side of the Praga District. This route starts right next to the border with Jabłonna and ends near the Siekierkowski Bridge. Currently, the route is over 21 kilometers long.

Fans of outdoor activities (i.e. Fans of KLUB DIALOGU) can admire the charms of not only the wild corners of the river, but also meet animals such as herons, crayfish, otters, and beavers.  It is a protected nature area covered by the ‘Natura 2000’ program.

Did you know that over 150 species of birds live by the Vistula River, and over 30 species of fish live in the river itself?

Riding along this bicycle path, we can reach five city beaches – Tarchomin, Rusałka, Poniatówka, Saska, and Romantyczna. During the summer season, there are numerous events for children and adults. And from here it’s not far from the KLUB DIALOGU School????

An additional attraction is traveling by free water tram to the other bank of the Vistula River. There are 4 such crossings on the Vistula River. The tram runs every 20 minutes. Sounds tempting? You must go and see for yourself!

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