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Learning the Polish language online – what does it entail? It is a wonderful tool for distance learning for people who cannot regularly attend school lessons, and for those for whom distance is a big barrier to coming to the school. We offer individual and group Polish classes online. Thanks to online courses, even after not being at the school physically, you don’t have to give up learning Polish as a foreign language.

What’s more, online lessons don’t have to be boring and lose value compared to face-to-face classes. Although the dynamic is different, group and individual courses can be conducted smoothly and effectively, and in some ways, an online lesson can be similar to a traditional one held in person. Classes put the structure in the day. Teachers present their knowledge and information and interact with people in real-time, and students can interact with each other as well.

Take the best online Polish course in Warsaw!

If you are interested in individual online Polish language lessons, call us at +48 664 788 004 or write at

If you prefer group Polish classes, check our courses on the GROUP COURSES Page.

Online Polish lessons for foreigners are a great adventure, and students also have more time to develop their passions!

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lekcje polskiego online

Viola, the school`s owner:

“Online Polish courses work great when: you live far away (in another city or country), you work a lot, your health does not allow you to leave your home, or you want to keep in touch with your class!” 

lekcje polskiego online

Magda, a teacher for 8 years:

‘It’s better to play an online quiz than to do grammar exercises all the time. Regardless of age, the principle of learning Polish by playing still works. I highly recommend the Polish course online!’.


Wioletta, a teacher for 5 years:

‘Students who had no previous contact with online learning quickly “became accustomed” to it. It`s an invaluable form for those who work a lot or live abroad, but contact with Polish is important for them!’

lekcje polskiego online

Oliwia, a teacher for 3 years:

“I have always enjoyed technological innovations and I like to use various educational platforms during Polish lessons’.


Brian, USA:

‘Online classes with KLUB DIALOGU School for foreigners have been really effective: a great way to seamlessly integrate technology into the language lesson. I plan to continue my Polish course online until I achieve fluency in Polish. It has proven to be quite convenient for me!’ 

Alessia, Italy:

‘I’ve been having Polish lessons online for some time now. Earlier I haven`t had the opportunity to do this and I thought that only direct contact is important for learning. Now I know that thanks to such classes I have more time for myself because I don’t have to go to school and I can study at home. It`s very convenient!

Alberto, Italy:

‘I think online lessons are convenient because I have more time for my professional matters. Of course, there are some problems from time to time and I can’t understand well, but it’s like in a real world, where different people speak in a different way!’

KLUB DIALOGU is the Polish language school for foreigners that is constantly developing. That is why our students can value us. Teaching is our passion – nothing is impossible for us! Learning Polish online can be for everyone.

Klub Dialogu Szkoła Języka polskiego

If you are too busy to join a Polish course, what about learning Polish online? KLUB DIALOGU Polish school online is the perfect solution – Polish for Foreigners online really exists and is just as enjoyable and effective as learning in the classroom. If you have any doubts about learning Polish because you are too busy to come to the school, or live too far away, take a Polish course online!


We are composed of an outstanding team of people

working hard as one together.


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nasz zespół szkoła języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców
Managing Director
I come from Poland
I speak Polish and English
nasz zespół szkoła języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców
Senior Office Coordinator
I come from Bielarus
I speak Polish, Russian and English
Olga Havryluk
Office Coordinator
I come from Ukraine
I speak Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and English
nasz zespół szkoła języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców
Office Coordinator
I come from Great Britain
I speak English and Polish


Małgorzata Malinowska


School methodologist, teacher of Polish as a foreign language for over 10 years

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw and the Faculty of Modern Languages ​​at the University of Warsaw, and I have closely associated my career path with Polish language teaching. For over 10 years I have been associated with the Polonicum Centre of Polish Language and Polish Culture for Foreigners of the University of Warsaw, where I not only teach students, but also conduct classes in the methodology of teaching Polish language for postgraduate studies.

In addition to the methodological workshops that I run all the time, together with Tomasz Wegner, I co-create a film series for foreigners as part of PFfF: Polish Films For Foreigners – a project of the New Wisła Cinema in cooperation with Centrum Polonicum UW.

I am a co-author of a five-volume series of textbooks for learning Polish as a foreign language for children and young people, “Raz, dwa, trzy I po polsku mówisz ty!” [One, two, three and you speak Polish] (edited by P. Kajak) as well as scientific publications. I consulted on the merits of the publication of the Museum of Warsaw, Legends of the Old Town in Warsaw. Selection of texts for learning Polish as a foreign language with exercises.

I am interested in cultural glottodidactics and city studies in terms of teaching Polish as a foreign language.

My favourite word is: mżawka (drizzle)

I speak: Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and English

nasz zespół szkoła języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców


I am a literary historian. Currently, I combine my work at Klub Dialogu with my work at the university, where I teach classes in the history of general literature. I also edit and write, mainly sketches and literary reviews.

I am interested in literature, especially Russian, as well as philosophy, modernist art and film. I love Polish cinema, but I am also fascinated by the French New Wave and the films of Charles Chaplin. I love music, from classic to popular; from Bach, to electronic and rock music.

My favourite Polish word is: cisza (silence).

I speak Polish, English and Russian.

nasz zespół szkoła języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców


I am a teacher of Polish as a foreign language, as well as a certified speech therapist. Such connections guarantee that my students quickly and correctly learn to speak Polish. My work at KLUB DIALOGU gives me a lot of satisfaction, mainly due to the students that come to our school everyday.

I like to eat, sleep and drink gallons of tea. I try to spend my free time with my family, friends or bike riding.

My favourite Polish words are: mężczyźni (men), ekstra! (great!)

I speak: Polish, English and German.

Małgosia Łępicka_na stronę


I graduated in Polish philology at the Catholic University of Lublin, and post-graduate studies in the field of ‘Methodology of teaching Polish as a foreign language and as a second language’. I have been working with KLUB DIALOGU since 2020.

I love to ‘travel’ with my students to their countries, and also introduce them to the complexities of the Polish language. I like to read, eat delicious food, drink good wine, visit interesting places, and spend time with my children.

My favourite Polish words are: przepraszam (sorry), dziękuję (thank you).

I speak: Polish, English.

Ania Siciarek_kwadrat


I graduated  Polish philology from Jagiellonian University in Cracow (2002) and I completed postgraduate studies in teaching Polish as a foreign language at the Warsaw University (2020).

I am a state examiner of Polish as a foreign language. I‘ve been teaching Polish for almost 10 years.

I am interested in Polish grammar, Renaissance and early Baroque music and traveling.

My favourite words in Polish: ‘jasne’,  ‘jeszcze raz’

I can speak: English and Russion

nasz zespół szkoła języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców


I am a Polish philologist and speech therapist, and I am still developing and studying as a glottologist. I have been working in KLUB DIALOGU since the beginning of 2019. I am very happy that working as a Polish language teacher as a foreign language, as I have the chance to meet people from almost all over the world. I also like to travel around Poland, discover new places and visit old ones. I am always impressed by the linguistic and cultural (especially culinary!) diversity of the world. I like reading, cooking and eating; I’m interested in neuropsychology. I love the sound of Polish and I like listening to it – people, music, the sounds of nature.

My favourite Polish words are: cisza, dżdżysty, słowotwórczy, przyjaciel, niedźwiedź, rabarbar.

I speak: English and French, I am learning Italian.

nasz zespół szkoła języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców


I have a diploma in Polish philology with an editorial and media specialty from the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. I have been working with the KLUB DIALOGU since 2018.

I’m interested in etymology and word formation. I like reading Polish literature and drawing.

My favourite Polish word is: poniekąd

I speak: Polish and English



I graduated in Polish Philology with a specialisation in language teaching at the University of Wrocław. As a Polish language teacher, I have been working with the KLUB DIALOGU school since 2020. I also translate written texts from Ukrainian or Russian into Polish (and vice versa).

I love meeting new people, leaning about other cultures, traditions, and languages. My work not only gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge with students, but also learn something new from those really interesting people who are often a source of inspiration and good mood for me. I really like reading 19th century literature, traveling, listening to music, and walking.

My favourite words are: miłość (love), maluszek (baby), serduszko (love heart)

I speak: Polish, English, Ukrainian, and Russian



I am a Polish philologist and a language teacher. I have been teaching Polish as a foreign language since 2012, and I also conduct classes in language culture, rhetoric, and communication. I have been working at KLUB DIALOGU since 2022 and I conduct online lessons.

I like to experiment – not only in the kitchen. I am interested in biology and physics – also from the linguistic side. Sometimes I pretend I can play the piano, but not many people are fooled.

My favourite words in Polish are: chrząszcz (beetle), no, trzpiot (scatter-brain).

I speak: Polish and English

Ola Czechowska_na stronę


I am a speech therapist with a completed specialisation in glottodidactics. I have been working with Klub Dialogu for over a year. I combine my work of being a Polish language teacher and a piano teacher. Working with people gives me great satisfaction.

I love to travel, play the piano, meet my friends, go to cafes, drink wine, and eat delicious food 😍

My favourite words are: powsinoga (gadabout)

I speak: Polish, English, and  I’m learning Spanish

Helena Sterczewska


I am a teacher of Polish as a foreign language and a sworn translator of Russian. I joined the KLUB DIALOGU team in 2022.

I like to eat, cook, read, paint, go to the theatre, bike ride, and walk. I also love travelling, both long-distant and nearby, as well as time spent with my family.

My favourite Polish words are: szadź (frost), jaźń (ego), żołądź (acorn)

I speak: Polish, Russian, I am learning English

Ewa Kordyasz


Polish philologist by education and passion (specialisation in teaching and glottodidactics). I have been teaching our beautiful language for over 10 years.  Meeting my students is a unique adventure for me, which is why I really enjoy it. I joined the KD team at the beginning of 2022.

In my spare time I drink way too much coffee, listen to music constantly, or run with my dog ​​in the woods.

I speak: English, Russian, and German.

My favourite word: przedświt (daybreak)