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The ‘LEVEL UP 500’ PROGRAM has been prepared by KLUB DIALOGU Polish Language School for Foreigners, for those who would like to:

  • Quickly and effectively learn the Polish language from scratch up to the level authorising to approach the state exam on B1 level (from A0 to B1);
  • Effectively communicate in Polish during every day situations (at work, on the street, in the company, settle their affairs in the Office, make purchases in the store, make an appointment, etc.);
  • Take up studies at Polish universities.


  • ‘LEVEL UP 500’ program runs from October 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020;
  • THE PROGRAM assumes 500 lesson hours;
  • Classes take place 4 times a week, 5 lessons (5×45 min.) a day (20 lessons a week), according to the schedule;
  • THE PROGRAM is divided into 5 SEMESTERS with 100 teaching hours (100×45 min.) each;
  • The division into implemented levels and textbooks used during the PROGRAM was presented in the ‘schedule’;
  • The PROGRAM will be started when a group of at least 4 people is formed;
  • If only one (1) student has enrolled in the PROGRAM, the School reserves the right to cancel such a semester.
  • If two or three (2-3) students participate in the PROGRAM, the School reserves the right to shorten the classes to 4 teaching hours (4×45 min.).
  • ‘LEVEL UP 500’ program covers levels from A0 to B1, which means that the PROGRAM can be enrolled on at any time appropriate to the level presented (according to the schedule of classes);
  • At the end of the PROGRAM, the student will receive the relevant Certificate;
  • After completing the ‘LEVEL UP 500’ program, students may continue their education during the additional course preparing for the State Certificate of Polish as a Foreign Language at level B1 organised by KLUB DIALOGU.



  • The student is obliged to pay the entire fee for the first semester only up until September 11, 2019;
  • The student is obliged to pay the entire fee for the following semesters at least 3 weeks before their commencement;
  • You can join the course at the beginning of each SEMESTER, or at any time. If a student joins during the semester, they bare a fee only for the classes in which he / she participates, in accordance with the table of fees;
  • The school does not pay the fee for classes that the student left during the semester.


  • The fee for one SEMESTER is PLN 2,100
  • Additional cost is: course book + exercises: PLN 120 / each level (A0, A1, A2, B1).
  • If the person joins in the course of the semester, then the fee for a single day is PLN 115 (multiplied by the number of days of the course in which the student participates to the end of a given SEMESTER).
  • The fee for a single, selected day of the course in a SEMESTER is 125 PLN / day.
  • In the case of applying for a visa under the ‘1 YEAR PROGRAM (VISA)’, the fee is PLN 2,800 and includes: the fee for one SEMESTER + 2 textbooks + administration fee. Then the school issues a ‘Confirmation letter’ supporting the application for a visa (according to the ‘1 YEAR PROGRAM’ rules, in which case the student is obliged to join only the ‘LEVEL UP 500’ program.
  • The school issues invoices in accordance with the student’s wishes. The student informs the school about to whom invoice should be issued.


  • The student informs about the application to the PROGRAM by e-mail at or by phone (+48 664 788 004) and makes a transfer to the account: PL 48 1140 2004 0000 3402 3476 4523 or by card or cash in the school office;
  • Applications for the ‘LEVEL UP 500’ program are accepted until September 13, 2019. The payment for the PROGRAM must also be paid by that date.