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We perfectly understand that there are people who prefer learning one-to-one (you + the teacher) – so we offer individual Polish language courses, during which the level of teaching, methodology and intensity of classes will be tailored to your needs, and the teacher has the chance to give you full feedback. The risk of distraction during classes is minimised, and you can focus all your attention on learning new or repeating material that has already been processed. Courses in the 1:1 format are a great opportunity to train useful skills such as listening comprehension, conversation, reading and writing correctly. Individual Polish language lessons in KLUB DIALOGU are an unforgettable adventure!

Why is it still worth to opt for such an option?


Individual Polish lessons are the most effective method of learning. Thanks to them you can learn language rules and make the most progress in a friendly atmosphere quickly and efficiently. Individual learning will meet all your expectations within linguistic competence development.

  • You decide what topics you are interested in (energy, cosmetology, politics…) and whether you want to strengthen your weaknesses or make up for any deficiencies. The teacher will tell you if you should take advantage of additional forms of learning, such as phonetic or writing classes.
  • We provide full flexibility of classes – you decide which dates suit you best.
  • Correctly cancelled classes are not lost! The only condition is that you inform the school of the cancellation by 16:00 the day before the meeting and arrange your next lesson to make up for it.
  • Learn in any location in Warsaw. Individual Polish course for foreigners can be held in your home, where it’s easy to find peace and focus, in your favourite cafe with a cup of coffee, your workplace so you don’t lose time travelling, or in our school where students are always welcome!
  • Would you like to first of all see if our teaching method is right for you, and your cooperation with the teacher is satisfying? We understand this perfectly! Pay for one class only as a trial lesson. Thanks to which you will learn about the specifics of learning in KLUB DIALOGU and you can make an informed decision.
  • With a one-time payment for 30 classes, you will receive a free coursebook. As a result, individual learning will be more effective and Polish language will be easier to learn.


lekcje indywidualne języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców

It’s best to see for yourself that individual Polish lessons for foreigners are an investment that will definitely pay off.

You decide on the time, pace and place of your course.

Individual Standard Courses:

        1 class – 60 min.

1 class – 90 min.
1 class
package of 1-5
110 PLN 165 PLN
1 class
package of over 6


147 zł


lekcje indywidualne języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców


It’s a choice for those who need a faster learning pace and expect faster progress, as well as new Polish skills. During the classes, the teacher will pass on a lot of knowledge! The 30 lesson package must be used within 30 days.

30 Days Around Polish (Intensive Course)

1 class – 60 min.
1 class  – 60 minutes         93 PLN
Course 30 classes       2 790 PLN


polish lessons online

Individual online course gives the opportunity to learn Polish for people who, due to being out of Warsaw, cannot have lessons directly with a teacher. It’s also a great option for those who travel a lot and don’t want to cancel organised classes.

Our online Polish lessons are not monotonous! Teachers have many different skills and ways of teaching at their disposition. We use the program course book, which we enrich with presentations, audio and video recordings, games and quizzes prepared with special applications and tools. Our online Polish courses are really interesting!

In addition, materials made available during the lesson can be reused again – after saving them on a computer or phone – to repeat, read a dialogue or listen to audio at any time.

Online Course

1 class – 60 min.
1 class 93 PLN