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nasz zespół szkoła języka polskiego dla obcokrajowców

Dear Students,

The beginning of 2021 and all of 2020 will be marked by a pandemic and overcoming many difficulties. However, it is thanks to you that the KLUB DIALOGU School continues to function, and we look to the future with a new perspective. Our entire team at KLUB DIALOGU is grateful to you for that. You are a community that is the heart and soul of KLUB DIALOGU School.

The statement that the crisis is an opportunity for development also turned out to be true. For your comfort and to raise the standard of lessons, we have made a number of investments and completed many projects. It was a huge effort of the entire KLUB DIALOGU team, whose work and attitude I am extremely proud of!

What we did:

  1. Switched to online lessons quickly and efficiently;
  2. Trained teachers in conducting remote lessons;
  3. Invested in the right equipment and platform for your learning comfort;
  4. Developed a new curriculum and additional online materials tailored to remote lessons in order to increase their effectiveness;
  5. Bought interactive whiteboards, cameras and microphones for online and hybrid lessons.

Now, step by step, we are slowly returning to the times from before the pandemic, and in particular to your favourite events, formal and informal meetings, lessons at the school without a mask and unrestricted access to school wares. Even the first FILM FRIDAY event has already taken place.

KLUB DIALOGU school is 17 years old and this is not the first crisis we are dealing with, but it is definitely the hardest. However, looking at the last few months, we are sincerely convinced that with you we are able to adapt to any situation, and come out of each crisis even stronger. Why? Because we do what we love the most: we share our passion for the Polish language, tradition and culture.

Today we want to say to you: THANK YOU! But we also have something more for you!

Be sure to come or write to us and tell us that you were with us for at least one full individual or group course from May 15th 2020 to May 15th 2021, and you will receive a 5% discount on all group or individual courses paid in one installment. Just remember that all hours must be used by the end of 2021.

Thanks again! Thank you for the support you give us.

Violetta Kunicka – Kajczuk, Piotr Kajczuk

The owners of KLUB DIALOGU School